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The Greatest Must-Have Lapland Mailroom Letter This Christmas | AD

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It’s getting so close now! Happy Wednesday everyone, are you feeling festive yet? While I haven’t actually got the decorations out yet, I am very much getting in the Christmas Spirit. And it’s all because I received an exciting Lapland Mailroom Letter on Monday!

Some of you have been around long enough to know and remember my letters to Santa each year. They’ve become an integral part of my Blogmas planning, and I now couldn’t imagine a Christmas without writing a Santa letter – yes even as a full grown adult! But that’s why when I saw Becky at the Lapland Mailroom was looking for people to receive a letter from the North Pole to review, I knew I simply had to say yes.

What is the Lapland Mailroom Letter?

Lapland Mailroom boasts a beautiful and unique selection of letters from Santa. Each letter from Lapland can easily be personalised using their simple-to-use Elves Editor. This is the Lapland Mailroom’s 15th year sharing the magic of Christmas. They have been specialising in helping to create a magical Christmas year after year; making memories for thousands of children across the world. These memories last forever, starting with a baby’s first christmas and even letters with a loving message for Grandma and Grandpa.

The simple act of receiving a letter is becoming a lost art to many people, kind of why I still run my Christmas Card Swap, and it is the overall experience surrounding letters from Santa that make this the perfect gift for youngsters and those like me who are still young at heart.

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Lapland Mailroom provides a personalised letter that your loved ones will want to read time and time again – I know I read mine over and over! Santa Claus will always be a special person for children, creating so many memories that last a lifetime. For the ideal festive gift that keeps on giving, make sure your child receives a personalised letter from Santa that helps them develop a love for Christmas that will never fade. With a range of personalisation options and the chance to create a magical moment in time, parents and guardians have an easy chance to ensure that Christmas remains a joyous and happy occasion for their loved ones. In a year where many festive traditions are either not able to happen, it is good to know that adults can still give the gift of Christmas magic through personalised letters from Santa.

lapland mailroom letter

How To Order from Lapland Mailroom

As part of my reviewing process, I got to see how you would order your Santa letter from Lapland Mailroom. And I’m telling you – when they say it’s easy, they mean it! There are 4 different letter templates for you to choose from, each slightly different in its own unique way. I opted for Letter 2: When Dreams come true and Reindeer Fly… , and jumped straight to the personalisation section. First you’ll be asked if you would like a Christmas activity pack (cost of £1) – I said yes and will talk about this shortly! You can then choose between using the name “Santa Claus” or “Father Christmas”, before being asked for your child’s name, sex, age, and a few other details that only Santa would know. For letter 2, Lapland Mailroom asks you for the name of your child’s best friend or family member, and a couple of other questions. There’s even a box for special notes or achievements for Santa to add at the end of his letter!

Then you go through to your payment information, where you can add special posting arrangements for an extra fee. Payments can be made by credit/debit card and/or PayPal. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for your Santa letter to arrive from the Lapland Mailroom! Just be sure to get your order in early enough to get it delivered for Christmas… The last ordering date for all International orders will be 10th December 2020, the last ordering date for Europe will be 14th December 2020, and the last ordering date for all UK order will be 21st December 2020

My Thoughts

First of all, the letter arrives in a standard envelope with a stamp saying “From Santa” and another stating it is the official Lapland seal. My advice? If you’ve got older kids who love to collect the post as it comes in – get this delivered to a close friend or relative!

The Lapland Mailroom Personalised Letter

The letter itself if great. It reads exactly how I always imagined Santa would write, and even though it’s typed, it feels very personal with all the personalised information provided at the time of ordering! Your letter comes on good quality paper, so if your child wants to keep pulling it out to read then it should survive the tests of time!

My personalised Santa letter came with a big sticker saying “I got a letter from the Lapland Mailroom and Santa says I’m on the good list!”. Also, if you order now, your Christmas Letters from Santa will Include a FREE Nice Child Certificate a limited time only! Not going to lie, I was super excited to get a certificate to say I was on the “Nice” list!

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The Christmas Activity Pack

Okay I really am a big kid at heart because I loved this activity pack more than I loved my letter! Inside the activity book are colouring pages, another letter from Santa, jokes, dot-to-dots, and more! My favourite has to be the Reindeer Food recipe – plus there’s no glitter in it so it’s eco-friendly, cheap to make, and won’t make David Attenborough cry at the thought of glitter polluting the earth. Not something a lot of kids care about, but you eco-aware adults might! Lastly, not one to forget manners, I loved the “Thank You Card” for Santa at the back of the book. It made the perfect finishing touch to the 14 pages of festive fun to keep the kids occupied over the Christmas holidays!


Overall, I personally loved receiving my Santa letter and activity pack from the Lapland Mailroom! Each letter is £8.95, and the activity packs are £1 as mentioned earlier, but I do think it would be £10 well spent to keep that festive spirit alive a little longer! Kids grow up too quickly now, and I personally believe this will help any child questioning the existence of Santa to believe for at least one more year.

Now that I’ve shared my letter from Santa with you all, it’s got me really excited for Blogmas to begin! I know we have another week or so to go, but the big child in me is really looking forward to what will hopefully be a great end to 2020.


All Thoughts Welcome!

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