LoveCrafts: Knitting the MillaMia Scarf

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Having complained back in February about how much time I was spending on my phone, I was delighted to be approached by Sarah from LoveCrafts to work with them in exchange for an honest review!

As I was saying, and you may remember, I was giving off about spending too much time on my phone in the month of January – you can check that out by clicking here.  It was then that I (ironically) was scrolling through my emails on my phone and saw I was being offered the opportunity to receive the materials needed to complete a knitting pattern in exchange for an honest review of them.

About LoveCrafts

LoveCrafts is the home for all things crafting – from knitting to stitching and even more. Every month, they welcome 3 million crafters on our website, and their online community gathers 1.1 million amazing makers and counting.  The team at LoveCrafts profess they love knitting, and for many of us it’s one of the ways we practice self-care – myself included. It’s an excellent time to think while creating something fabulous in the process. Knitting is a really great way to promote slow fashion and sustainability with the handmade nature of the craft. And to top it all off, LoveCrafts also have a new creative, making journal printable that would work great alongside any project – it’s great for both makers and bloggers!

Having spent years learning to knit with my grannies, I thoroughly agree with the LoveCrafts team –  knitting is a very therapeutic way to spend an evening, and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to help revive this craft that seems to be fading out.

Some of you may remember back when I was at university in Glasgow – it seems like a lifetime ago – that I got back into knitting as a way of procrastination.  I made bears, scarves, and just played around with knitting – it was a way to kill time, avoid studying, and meant my hands were too busy to start snacking in the evenings. But there was something calming about the click click click of the needles tapping against each other, and I’ll be honest – I’ve really missed it!

Knitting With LoveCrafts

A few days later, the postman brought me this bright yellow bag, and inside it were the materials needed to knit myself the MillaMia Simple Scarf (pattern can be accessed by clicking).  I had been given a choice of colours, and settled on the colour Sunshine, and so was delighted to see the balls of wool – they’re the perfect colour for Spring! Along with the wool came some chunky needles – 12mm in size (US 17).

LoveCrafts MillaMia Lia Simple Scarf pattern, knitting needles and 2 balls of yarn

The MillaMia Simple Scarf pattern is perfect for anyone who has never tried to knit before.  Once you know how to do the knit stitch (or garter stitch for those who know a little more), there will be no stopping you.  In fact, once you get into the swing of it, you could easily finish the entire scarf in one evening all while watching your favourite film!  Those with more experience in knitting can expect to complete the Lia Scarf in approximately 45 minutes making this ideal for the seasoned knitter looking for a quick and easy project.

What I love is that the pattern includes instructions on how to cast on and cast off, making sure the project is accessible to all – even those who used to knit and have since forgotten how to cast on can start again following the pattern!  I set about starting to cast on while Mum and Dad were away and I stayed home to cat-sit. With an afternoon of rugby planned, it was the perfect way to keep my fingers busy without lifting my phone to check Twitter every few minutes!

One thing I never learnt to do with either granny was to join a new ball of yarn in when knitting mid pattern, and so I was quite pleased to find a little paragraph in the middle of the pattern PDF helping me to do this.

I had a great time losing myself in the repetitive nature of the knitting, and I am in love with the end results! With the British Springtime being its usual self, I reckon I’ll have a few opportunities to wear my scarf over the next couple of weeks.

All in all, I have loved working with LoveCrafts for this collaboration, and it’s really tempted me to order some more of their kits and products.  If you’d like to see what they can offer – and there’s so much more than just knitting! – then you can check out their site here, where they also offer free knitting patterns for those balls of yarn you may have lying around!

But for now, I’ll have to love you and leave you.  With not having a guitar lesson last week, I’m really excited to go tonight and show that the two weeks of practise have made a noticeable difference in how I play my newest song. But Dad got a call yesterday to say that unfortunately their dog had to be put down yesterday morning, so no more getting to play with a dog after the lesson.

What have you all got planned for tonight? Or are you now away to pull out the craft sets and get back into knitting? Let me know in the comments below!

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  2. Louna

    Love this!! I’m currently doing a post with lovecrafts with their recycled yarn and I’m in love!

    Let’s connect.

    Stay wonderful!

    Louna x

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