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Killing Time with Online Games

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Well, as we approach the end of September, I have a confession to make. I’m back to playing online games, and it’s beginning to take over my thoughts!

If you know me of old, then you know I love a good game. Whether it’s been The Sims (any edition except 3 – what even was that?) on the computer, or The Sims Bustin’ Out on my PlayStation2, you can bet I’ve used it to procrastinate. Then I began to discover apps for games on my phone that I had long since forgotten.

Girl and boy playing online games on a laptop

But here we are, at the end of September, and I’m admitting I have a few new favourites that you simply must try out if you’re looking to unwind! Put aside your phone and all the social media distractions as I welcome you to my favourite online games.

Online Game 1 – Project Makeover

Okay lift your phone back up, because this one is an app. And it has caused my screen time to rise by about 20% on my phone… scary, right? Project Makeover is just that – you aim to earn coins through different levels to carry out makeovers on the characters it presents you with. Remember CandyCrush? Well this is similar but better! Match the gems to get rid of green squares to find sunglasses, cut shirts open to reveal more gems underneath, and progress through the game! While the app is free, it allows in-app purchasing of jewels to help you progress so you may wish to make sure you either have limits set or turn off the ability to make in-app purchases on the game.

Online games Project Makeover screenshots

Game 2 –

Okay so this game doesn’t involve needing internet connection. So it’s perfect for when you’re flying or away from the internet for a while! I love classic games, and while many people wouldn’t count sudokus as games, I love the challenge. It’s addictive as you try to beat your own times. I’ve managed to complete a medium-difficulty daily challenge sudoku in just 1 minute 32 seconds with no mistakes! Definitely worth the staring at the phone screen…

Online games sudoku challenge

Online Game 3 – Solitaire

Okay now we’re moving over to the laptop, but we are sticking with some classic games! Solitaire is one of my favourite pastimes on holiday. To be honest, I struggle to go away without a deck of cards to hand! Whether we play as a pair or a family of 4, you always find some downtime for one of us to play solitaire. So when writer’s block hit a few weeks back, I found myself over on and playing card games online to kill time while pretending to be productive… whoops! If Solitaire isn’t your style, they do have other games you might like to try! I have my eye on their versions of CandyCrush in the Match-3 category… but we’ll give that a try over the weekend!

Online games of Solitaire on

Online Games Number 4 – Psych!

Psyche! is another app for your phone, but it is so fun! Think of it as where trivia meets Cards Against Humanity. There are multiple categories to play from, and I first played it with university friends over Zoom in lockdown 1. Remember those days? In The Truth Comes Out you and your friends become the game – ie “What’s the last thing Katie ate?” Or you can enter the trivia categories where you make up fake answers to real trivia questions. If you manage to get the correct answer out of all the bizarre answers your friends have created then you’re certainly fit to enter The Chase!

Killing Time with Online Games Life With Ktkinnes

Online Games 5 –

Remember earlier I said I love playing the classic games? Well, is filled with them. Remember Snakes on your old Nokia brick? Or maybe you miss playing Mine Sweeper? Well, that’s what I’ve been filling my time with. I never really understood how to play it properly when we had the old computer. But I have great fun trying to figure it out on the online games that are available on! If I’m not torturing myself with Mine Sweeper, I’m usually found either doing the word searches or playing Casagrandes Mercado Mayhem Game: Grocery Store Simulator – a bit like the old Diner Dash games!

Mine Sweeper on  to display online games available on

Do you have any online games you play, or any apps that are there specifically to help you unwind on your journeys to or from work/uni? If you’re trying to reduce your screen time but only have 5-10 minutes of time to yourself, then I have the perfect book you need to read!


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