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By installing Karndean you also commit to a longer lasting flooring in your home. As awareness grows around environmental issues, flooring stockists across the UK have heard the eco-friendly flooring their customers now want and need, which has resulted in satisfaction levels have increasing tenfold. There are many eco-friendly ways we can improve our homes which will be of huge benefit to the planet. The best approach to achieving an eco-friendlier space in your home is by starting from the bottom and going to the top.

Let’s see why Karndean is the most popular choice for the environmentally considerate who want durability.

Karndean - The Only Eco-Friendly Vinyl | AD Life With Ktkinnes

Karndean is the Go-To

As the most eye catching flooring option, endorsed by professional interior designers and homeowners alike, Karndean vinyl flooring comes with historic reference of eco-friendly manufacturing. 

Previous collections of vinyl flooring contained PVC which can only be cleaned to a high standard if the cleaning solutions were heavily laden with chemicals. These cleaning solutions chemicals are not easily sourced without harming our planet.

As a result, developing eco-clean flooring solutions became a priority. Vinyl flooring manufacturers have now gone one step further and chosen to evaluate how they develop their flooring and source their materials in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Karndean is manufactured using vinyl which is frequently evaluated for safety and only requires a minimum amount of adhesive which has the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Karndean - The Only Eco-Friendly Vinyl | AD Life With Ktkinnes

Making Friends with the Environment

Karndean is developed in ISO certified factories using phthalate compounds which offers promoted performance of vinyl flooring and results in a much longer life span.

Furthermore, Karndean vinyl flooring also exceeds interior air quality as the adhesives chosen in the manufacturing process are completely solvent-free with minimal VOC emission release. 

Karndean manufacturers are so driven to win the battle for the environment that all their factories exceed the criteria for environmental and social practices. From packaging and transport to manufacturing methods, Karndean are truly committed to helping our planet through healthier, longer lasting products and less waste packaging.

Karndean is a Lifetime Investment

When looking for a new flooring which meets your eco-friendly expectations, Karndean is a gold-find. Homes and offices love Karndean because it always exceeds the expectations of its buyers.

Tiles and planks are 100% recyclable which means that when extensive damage is done to your flooring, you can recycle a single tile and lay down a new one within the hour.

Karndean - The Only Eco-Friendly Vinyl | AD Life With Ktkinnes

As an extra plus, you will no longer require a specialist solution to clean the floor. Your shopping list for cleaning products will be reduced massively. All you need invest in is a strong mop bucket and brush, which will be used to sweep away debris before you mop using a lightly soaped solution.

Karndean collections portray an extensive selection of colours, style replicas which are the optimal choices for domestic or commercial environments. You can choose from Knight Tile Stone or Art Select Wood for either space and they will still exceed the 35 years warranty.

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