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June 2022

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Hi there! Did you miss me? I cannot actually believe we’re into June 2022 already. Nor can I believe that I completely disappeared off the face of the earth for 3 months. But I’m back this morning, and thought it was time for a little catch up now that we’re into June 2022. Are you ready for it?

So as I was saying, we’re already into June 2022. And considering my last post was for 1st March… and it was late… can you excuse me for having disappeared for a while? I just… I’m sure you’re aware yourself as to how the blogging community has changed over time. It’s been mentioned a few times over the last while, in multiple posts of mine, and I just needed to vanish and wait for the mojo to come back. Which it appears to have, but we’ll get there in a few minutes!

Looking Back on March 2022

March came and went in a flash to be perfectly honest. Two years on from the first lockdown in the UK, I find we’re all still trying to make up for lost time. Even if it means draining our energy levels and bank accounts to allow for it!

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I will admit, the first week of March 2022 flew through. It started with pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, there was a guitar lesson on Wednesday, and Thursday had me packing an overnight bag and watching The Apprentice. I was also wrapping some Christmas presents. You see, I headed down to Fermanagh on Friday afternoon after work, and Sarah and I finally got to exchange our Christmas presents! Weekends in Fermanagh always seem to fly in. We had Friday night with a few of Sarah’s friends, spent Saturday playing with her son, and then I came home on Sunday to get through a to do list the length of my arm. And that was the first week of the month over! But I did manage to have a relaxing bath listening to a fab playlist I found on Spotify – great for when you’re looking to relax or focus.

If you enjoy the orchestral arrangements in Bridgerton, you’ll love this playlist!

I had another week of work ahead of me to look forward to, with the usual Open University work and Guitar to get through in the evenings which took up quite a bit of time. That Friday was my half day, and Mum and I had our appointments at Wellness At The Square in Lisburn. I gave their dry floatation a go, and oh my god it was so relaxing! I lay down on what can only be described as a massive waterbed. It has a solid board under the upper membrane of the bed that then sinks down allowing you to float on top of 500 litres of warm water. There was a light jet located around your lower back to massage gently while I listened to a guided mediation. It was bliss! We then went for drinks and dinner at the hotel next door. That Saturday 12th March, Mum and Dad were meant to be at an Ulster rugby match while I had dinner with Granny. However Dad had picked up an awful cold and wasn’t feeling like standing in the wind and rain for a night. So I took his ticket, got absolutely soaked to the skin, but had a wonderful night.

June 2022 Life With Ktkinnes
Mum at the rugby

The following week again was work, and Granny headed over to Scotland, so we took her to the airport before heading for another spa treatment at Wellness At The Square – this time I tried the PEMF Therapy. But apart from that and the end of the Six Nations rugby which took up most of the afternoon after a glorious walk around both Hillsborough and Moira, not much else happened. Our work night out got postponed again and is now scheduled for this coming Friday 8th April 2022! Not bad for a delayed Christmas/birthday night out… I’m just excited because I can say that technically I was still celebrating Christmas in April this year! Bridgerton season 2 was added to Netflix, but I actually only started watching it on Saturday 2nd April 2022 because I’ve been devouring Chicago Med. I hate jumping between Netflix series on my own! But Dad and I started the final season of The Last Kingdom and without posting any spoilers I’m definitely going to need tissues at the end of it by the looks of things. But I almost forgot to tell you about our Mother’s Day (27th March 2022) here in the UK! Rachel came home! It was for a short visit – literally arriving on the Friday night and away again mid-afternoon on the Sunday. But we took advantage of the decent weather and had a run up to the north coast. Now that I’ve paid for membership of the National Trust, we decided to visit the Giant’s Causeway for a good walk. We basked in the sunshine, walked along the beach, bumped into an old school teacher, and had a delicious meal in the Harbour Bar in Portrush. Made even better by the fact you can now book in advance, it’s back to waiter service instead of ordering through apps, and the dessert display is back! If you’re ever along the north coast of Northern Ireland, you need to have a dessert from any of the Ramore restaurants.

June 2022 Life With Ktkinnes
Rachel climbing the Giants Causeway

March 2022 Goals

I wasn’t keen on setting goals last month, and to be quite honest you’ll see why when we look at whether or not I achieved them…

  • Read 2 Books
    Yeah no that didn’t happen. I started reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain alongside Finding Your Purpose by Christine Whelan, neither of which I finished. I also started listening to the audiobooks of 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think by Brianna Wiest and Dishonesty is the Second-Best Policy by David Mitchell. Nothing was grabbing me this month it would appear!
  • Curb my eating habits
    Well actually I think I somewhat did manage this? I certainly did better at saying no to the snacks and food in the office, and was snacking less between meals. Next step is to try and get out of the way of toast every morning again! I just never seem to actually want cereal, you know?
  • Sort and Clear Out the drawers by my desk
    Umm… I cleared the 2 toiletries drawers? And actually did a stock check of everything in them… So I have the stuff I use daily. Then I made an entire duplicated travel washbag of everything I use regularly. And then the below is what I still had leftover… Needless to say I won’t be buying new products any time soon!
white blue and purple stars illustration April 2022 for June 2022
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April 2022

And now that April is also well and truly over, I can’t believe we’re through the fourth month of 2022 already! April 2022 started with me nearly falling for an April Fool’s joke – something to do with McDonalds and a Glasgow nightclub. But after a good day in the office, we were out for a drink and enjoyed a pleasant meal back at home. Then, Saturday Mum and I were invited to a rugby lunch and to watch the last home match of the season. It was a brilliant day, and I’ll be honest – when I woke at 5am I certainly was swearing off red wine for a very long time… But in the light of a new day that fear had gone and I could quite welcome a glass again. Sunday was spend recovering and working on Open University work that had piled up throughout the week.

The next week was another one of work, uni, guitar, and some reading at long last! Then the following Friday, I went out on my work night out. Saturday was not a pleasant morning, and I ended up being quite tired and moody while down at Granny’s fixing her TV for the umpteenth time. I then spent the Sunday sorting through my summer and winter clothes, and once again I was working on Uni stuff. The following weekend was Easter, and after I had finished binge watching Young Royals on Netflix I was ready for Easter break and Bridgerton Season 2! Good Friday saw me running round shops like a headless chicken in the morning, then we went for drinks and dinner at the local pub. Saturday saw us doing some shopping for holiday items, and then Sunday my aunt flew in from Scotland and we had a nice roast dinner – starter of delicious involtini, a sirloin roast, and a rhubarb and apple Easter cake for dessert! Easter Monday we jumped in the car and headed to the north coast again.

yellow tulips on green stem for May 2022
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I was into work Tuesday and Wednesday of the following week, before flying to Edinburgh on the Thursday to stay with Rachel! I was so excited to be over with her for a bit of a break of routine. We had a lovely jalousie on the Thursday night when I got in, and then while she worked on Friday morning I took time out on the balcony before cooking lunch for the two of us. Our afternoon saw us shopping along Princes Street before cocktails at The Alchemist. They were to die for! Rachel had been warned it’s expensive, but between £9-£11 seemed pretty average to me price-wise for these incredible drinks. Definitely worth trying next time you’re in Edinburgh. We then had dinner at The Newsroom across the way, where Cameron joined us for food and drinks and chat. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Edinburgh without a drink in Thomson’s… which turned into quite a few drinks… and a trip to The Mad Hatter… needless to say my head was a tad painful on Saturday morning!

June 2022 Life With Ktkinnes
Me and Rachel drinking cocktails at The Alchemist

So Saturday was a slightly slow start, and after a coffee and bun, Rachel and I drove to Cramond Beach to blow away the cobwebs. Which it certainly did! The wind was wild in some parts, but the sunshine was glorious, and we thoroughly enjoyed our walk around Cramond Island and through the village. After a late lunch back at the flat, we went for a spot more shopping, then home again for dinner before the highlight of the weekend – our Saturday night out. Well, I’m not saying it was better than Friday night, but it was certainly up there! We met a few of Rachel’s colleagues for drinks in an Irish bar with live music, and had a really good time there. Then we headed over to La Belle Angele for Swiftogeddon! Now, this was the main reason I was in Edinburgh. And it might horrify a lot of you, but a nightclub event that was 4 hours of pure Taylor Swift music! Everything from Debut right up to Evermore, making sure it was the Taylor’s Versions where appropriate. It. Was. INCREDIBLE! I always joked at uni that all I needed was to find a club playing just my music (Taylor, Ed Sheeran, Abba, Westlife…) and without all the pushing and shoving and gyrating that goes on in other clubs. And here it was! A couple of Rachel’s friends came and found us later in the night, when we were about half way through, and I think Rachel enjoyed it more than she expected to. I mean, neither of us really knew the Reputation or 1989 songs, but we were able to cover ourselves and had a marvellous night. Until we tried to get a taxi at closing time when everyone was trying to get one… so it was rather a late night. The Sunday saw us just taking it slow – watching films, playing games, that sort of thing. And then I flew home on Monday to sit and do some university work and try to stay awake.

Long Live at Swiftogeddon in April 2022

The rest of the week was spent then in work and trying to get caught up on a bit of sleep. And this weekend is being spent packing! But we’ll talk about that in a second when we get to talk about what was coming up in May 2022.

April 2022 Goals

So as you can guess, I didn’t set goals for the month of April. But I did actually manage to finish Finding Your Purpose by Christine Whelan. And I really got into podcasts – The Unbelievable Truth and Dead Hand were what caught me in April. Along with watching some great shows… Speaking of, have you watched Heartstopper yet? I LOVED it. But I haven’t caught season 2 of Russian Doll yet. What are your thoughts on it? Is it going to be my bingeworthy show of June 2022?

scrabble tiles surrounded by beautiful flowers Hello May 2022
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May 2022

So the month of May starting on a Sunday (obviously), I was looking forward to grabbing the case again and starting to load it. The Monday (2nd May) was a bank holiday here, so I had a few plans of what I would like to do, but the day was predominantly taken up with packing and getting ready for our early summer holiday. Tuesday I was in work, and then home for takeaway (did I hear someone say Domino’s Two for Tuesday deal?) and an early night because… I was heading to Menorca! I was super excited for some sun and heat. We woke up early on Wednesday 4th May (read that as my alarm went off at 3am…) and we made it to the airport where we waited over an hour for bag drop and security. Yes, even at that time of the morning. But soon we were on the plane and heading away to some heat and sun! At least that’s what we thought…

June 2022 Life With Ktkinnes
Flying to Menorca!

When we landed in Menorca, it was thick grey clouds, wind howling a gale and about 14°C. I was a little paranoid that something would go wrong to be honest. But we got through passport control, the covid checks and baggage reclaim without a single hiccup! Then we met our private transfer, booked through the Jet2holidays package, and within half an hour we had arrived at Globales Lord Nelson.

I’ll not go into the full review here, if you don’t mind, because I’ll probably bring that together when I get the new Life With Ktkinnes underway. Whoops, said more than I meant to there… but all will be revealed later! Suffice to say, we had a lovely holiday when the sun broke through a few days later. We explored Mahon and Cuitadella, lounged by the pool, walked the coastline around Santo Tomas, and just generally relaxed and enjoyed some peace and quiet. It actually made me long for the furlough days of sitting reading in the sun because what else was there to do!

June 2022 Life With Ktkinnes
The beach at Santo Tomas

When we arrived back to the UK (still cloudy, cold and windy) I was straight into work on the Thursday morning. Friday afternoon, I was on a half day from the office. And while we were just back, there were a few things we needed to do in Lisburn. So I started to drive the 3 of us into town, and noticed my car didn’t feel right. It was revving, but it wasn’t accelerating. Then I got an error message about my stop-start system which I chose to ignore – nothing serious in my opinion. We were stuck in school traffic and roadworks, going round the rat-race of Lisburn, when the EPC light came on and the car started to really struggle. I pulled into a carpark and let Mum and Dad go off before I phoned the mechanics. They could see on the system that the car was due a service soon anyway so offered to do it all at once – fine by me! I turned on the engine to give them the mileage on the car and that was when the engine failure light came on and stayed on. I panicked. The car was being driven to them straight away and I didn’t care what I had to do to get there. So a journey that normally only takes about 0-15 minutes took me 50 minutes. Between Friday afternoon traffic, the roadworks, a car that couldn’t accelerate, and then thunder, lightning and heavy rain started. I have never been so relieved to hand my car keys over to someone!

The rest of that weekend we then took a trip to Castle Ward to use our National Trust memberships and see around the house. It was a sunny but cool day, and I was glad to have my sweatshirt on, but we enjoyed the fresh air and a good walk. Sunday then we did a spot of gardening and things around the house. Back to work on the Monday, no guitar again that week, but plenty of TV to catch up on. I got my car back on the Tuesday night (something to do with coils and spark plugs apparently), and then the weekend saw us down at Granny’s to work in her garden.

May 2022 Goals

With being away the month of May, I was being a bit weird with my goals. Well, weird is the wrong word, but they were going to be different to my usual goals I think. I don’t know. With having not set any for a while, I felt out of practice!

  • Read 6 books
    I did this! I managed to finish On The Way To The Wedding by Julia Quinn (the last Bridgerton book), Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Hating Game by Sally Thorne (which there’s now a film of available on Amazon Prime Video! Guess what I’m watching this weekend…), Dishonesty Is The Second-Best Policy by David Mitchell, Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy and finally Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. I got 100 pages into Conversations With Friends and had to DNF it. I just couldn’t get used to the style of writing, and life’s too short to struggle through a book you’re not enjoying.
  • Keep my room tidy
    Well I managed this, even if only because I wasn’t there for 2 weeks!
  • Sleep better
    OMG yes, I managed this. I’m now averaging about 9 hours sleep a night (8 and a half during the working week) and I feel so much better for it. Who knew sleep was actually needed to help you feel better in yourself?
white card on green and white floral textile June 2022
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Welcome to June 2022

June 2022

And now that we’re into June 2022, life looks to be slowing down just a little bit. Tomorrow and Friday are bank holidays in the UK to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – 70 years! So hopefully tonight I’m at a guitar lesson for the first time in over a month – I miss the dog… And then tomorrow morning (Thursday 2nd June 2022) we’ll be watching Trooping The Colour. Not sure what we’ll do with the afternoon, but there’s then a Service of Thanksgiving being televised on Friday 3rd June 2022. So that’ll take up the morning again I believe. Saturday (4th June 2022) there’s a Jubilee Jazz Picnic happening at Mount Stewart – another National Trust place here in Northern Ireland – so we’re leaving bright and breezy to get a good spot on the lawn. I have my Jubilee picnic blanket from M&S and my Jubilee sweatshirt for if it’s chilly. We have our Corgi cake, and I’m sure there ill be bubbles of some kind to celebrate the day. Then it’ll be home for a slow cooker meal and to watch the Party At The Palace concert! Yes, I’m going all Jubilee themed this week. Well, it’s not like we’ll see another monarch reach 70 years any time soon is it? Sunday will no doubt just be a quiet one to catch up on house things.

eight red jet planes in mid air June 2022
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Then I’m into work for 2 days, and off to London for 3 days! Yes, tickets bought for a concert in June 2020 are finally being used in June 2022 as we go to see Queen + Adam Lambert at the O2 Arena in London! So no doubt we’ll tag a West End show and some touristy stuff into the couple of days. Rachel’s then coming home that weekend and we’re going to celebrate an early Father’s Day with her here. The following weekend is actually Father’s Day and I don’t know what we’ll do. My vote is a trip to the North Coast but who knows. And the rest of June 2022 is currently a mystery!

June 2022 Goals

June 2022 is busy enough, so my goals will be simple I think.

  • Read 2 books
    I’m ahead of my schedule right now, but I might as well keep going with the momentum from last month!
  • Tick one show off my bucket list
    As I say, we’re in London in June 2022 so why not use the opportunity to tick a show off my bucket list?
  • Continue my sleep schedule
    I’m adamant I’ll maintain this sleep schedule. So while my 2 nights in London might not be as good, I want to keep up the good work the rest of the month! Even if only to see if I keep dreaming of murder in June 2022 the way I have since returning from Menorca.

Summary of June 2022

So there you have it. A busy few months, with another busy month ahead when reading about June 2022. I’m also hoping to use June 2022 to get started on a new project with Life With Ktkinnes. I don’t want to say too much in case it doesn’t happen, but June 2022 will hopefully see some big changes coming to the blog now that the Open University work has finished for the summer months. So click that follow button if you haven’t already! And let me know below what plans you have for June 2022. Are you celebrating the Jubilee? Or what have you planned for June 2022?

PS – Happy Pride month everybody


  • Kerry-Ann

    It’s so good to see you back and I’ve loved catching up with you in this post. I hope you enjoyed taking a few months away. Blogging keeps changing so much and I find it so hard as time goes on.

    I hope you have a fab June and enjoy Queen & Adam Lambert.

  • Kay

    Sounds like you’ve been busy!
    Mostly positive though, and of course you’re not the only one who’s been off the blogging wagon for a bit!
    Quite envious of your London trip! Have the best time!!

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