June 2020

June 2020 Life With Ktkinnes
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So here we are. Another new month, and another one that looks set to be spent off work, creating projects, and looking to the future. But let’s hope June 2020 is a better one.

Before we do the usual start of the month post, I do just want to address some of the things that happened during the last few weeks of May. But I can’t really even start with that, because it’s going on continuously. Unfortunately, it’s the stories like that of George Floyd that gain the media attention. But how many other innocent men and women are injured, discriminated against, murdered? Simply because of the colour of their skin. It sickens me. And I can’t word it eloquently. But as I said, George Floyd is one of the few names we all hear. How many others are treated unjustly? And it’s not just in the states. People in the northern states try to say “it’s the southern states, they’re the racists”, until you see a woman in a park in New York yelling that she’s going to tell the cops a black man is threatening her. Why specify black? Because of the systemic and institutional racism. A man is threatening you? The police will come prepared to talk him down. A slap on the wrists probably. But a black man is threatening you? That sparks a dangerous level of so called “reasonable force” in apprehending a suspect. Then you have people in other countries, even other continents, saying “racism in America is awful” but don’t bat an eye when here in the U.K. at the start of the pandemic, Chinese and other Asian restaurants lay empty because of some completely irrational thought that eating in these places could infect you. People were spat at in the street. Told to “go home”. 23 year old Jonathan Mok was told by 4 men “we don’t want your coronavirus in our country” and was subsequently beaten up. Jonathan is Asian, but it’s still racism. There is still a fundamental attitude among many people that “oh it doesn’t happen near me”. But it does. And the majority of the time, we don’t hear their stories. So to those saying we’re “in the middle of a worldwide fight to save lives from covid-19 and also fighting a race war”, you’re wrong. The race war is continuous. The media will die down again, and the public’s attention will go elsewhere. Nothing will change unless people stand up to make that change.  I’ve heard a number of songs being used to say what people are currently struggling to sa; and for me my song would be Stand Up from Nashville Season 5.

I’m aware that many of you will have opened this post in order to read my usual monthly update, rather than about race and what we should be doing. So I’ll leave this with a simple instruction – read and listen. Read how racism isn’t just in certain areas. Listen to what you’re being told. Do what you can in your everyday life to make a change. If you want pointed in the right direction, I’ll leave a link here to a thread I found on Twitter.

May 2020

I think it’s safe to say that May flew by without an awful lot happening.  We redecorated the two bedrooms upstairs, had a few barbecues, went on walks, and took part in a few quizzes and bingo nights online.  Dad and I finished watching The Last Kingdom, and we all binge-watched the Jeffrey Epstein documentary on Netflix.  To be honest I’ve no idea what we did this month – the days are all beginning to blend into one!   I set myself some goals for the month, and we had weekly projects to work on. Then this heatwave hit and it’s become harder and harder to do things inside without feeling like you’re wasting the closest thing you’ll get to a summer holiday this year. However, May 2020 is the month I reached both my twitter follower goals for the year and WordPress blog followers for the year too! So that was exciting.

An empty field in south Belfast, sun shining through the clouds, and the words “June 2020” in black cursive writing top centre

June 2020

June is looking set to be another month of projects.  I’ve received word that I’m expected to start back to work at the beginning of August, so that means I have another 2 full months off.  Today we’re expecting my new furniture to arrive to finish off my bedroom, and then I’ll probably do a post to take you on a tour of it! This Friday I’ve organised a bingo night over Zoom with the extended family because we should’ve all been at a charity barbecue, but apart from that there’s nothing planned for this week. Once it gets a bit cooler again, we’re going to start decorating the two bedrooms downstairs, but as I say that won’t be while the temperatures remain above 16 degrees.  And to be honest I think that might be all we’ve got planned for June! It’s hard to make plans when you aren’t sure what you’ll be allowed to do and when.  I mean, technically we are allowed to head up north to the beaches now, but because the world and its neighbour will be there, social distancing would be near impossible, so we aren’t heading up just yet.  Plus with no toilets or bars or restaurants open it would be a bit difficult to even just go up for a day of walking and picnics.

May Goals

I’ll be up front here – I’m not so sure how well the goals have gone this month.  And I’ve not looked before writing this post to see how we got on with them.  So shall we see how badly I’ve done?

  1. Read 2 books.
    I read one. So that review will be coming soon.  But I didn’t even finish an audiobook this month or anything! Kinda disappointed by that…
  2. Finish blog admin relating to posts from April 2016 up until December 2017.
    I think I got April, May and June 2016 updated and then stopped. I may have set myself too big a challenge with that…
  3. Watch all the James Bond films from Dr No up to Spectre since I just rediscovered my DVDs of them!
    Again, no. It was too nice to sit in and watch the DVDs! So I saw the first 5 films and then stopped. Maybe another time.
  4. Post Weekly here.
    Well this one was a successful yes! This posting weekly is nice.  Especially now I’m getting back to writing the posts I enjoy to write!
  5. Learn 2 new songs on guitar.
    Half? I learnt another Taylor Swift song (The Best Day), and started to learn Swear It Again by Westlife, but the strumming pattern for it is confusing me.
Pinterest graphic for June 2020 - using the previous image

A grand total of one goal completed, two half done, and two that were complete fails. Not my finest month for goal setting!

June 2020 Goals

In an effort to make the most of my time off, and by looking at my to do list, I decided to set myself the following goals for June.

  1. Read 1 book and finish 1 audiobook.
  2. Learn 1 new song on guitar.
  3. Post weekly here (because I’ve got the time to).
  4. Blog admin for July, August and September 2016.
  5. Get my bedroom finished!
June 2020 Goal Setting

What goals are you setting yourself this month?  Or what have you been doing to get yourself up and out of bed during furloughing? As always, I look forward to reading your responses below! If you want to join me in setting goals, why not use my blank template below?

June 2020 Goal Setting Free Printable Template from Life With Ktkinnes

One thought on “June 2020

  1. Helen

    Well done on learning to play on the guitar!

    I really need to start setting monthly goals. I’ve just started to review my yearly goals from Jan and I’m realising that I would be much better off regularly reviewing my goals. Especially, given how the world has changed since then!

    Lots of love, Helen x

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