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Yay it’s gone live on time today! How have the first few days of 2018 been for you all so far? Today I wanted to bring you the lovely people advertising here on Life With Ktkinnes for the month of January.To start with, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone choosing to advertise with me this month! I really and truly appreciate it.

Nele from The Navigatio

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Nele (Nayla) is a Dutch 22 year old who moved to England in 2014 to study English and Creative Writing. If everything goes to according to plan she will have her bachelor degree next year, which is why she feels it’s time to start taking herself more seriously as a writer (which is kinda scary!). The Navigatio is a website about her life, living and studying in England, her travels and her passion for lifestyle and video games. Follow her through her blog (link above) and Twitter to keep up to date with Nele!

Kay from KaySka.com


A little about Kay: –
“Hello, lovelies! I’m Karolina, but please call me Kay😊, I’m 22. I was born in Warsaw, Poland and moved to the North West, UK when I was 12. I grew up in a domestic violence environment and got bullied a lot throughout my childhood and teenage years. This has caused me to have PTSD which I only got diagnosed with last year. But I’ve struggled with my mental health as long as I remember – panic attacks, anxiety, dissociation, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, depression, OCD, body dysmorphia, agoraphobia. Which is why I’m so passionate about ending the stigma around mental health. It’s also why I started a blog where people can share their stories MH Stories , I believe sharing our stories is so powerful! Struggling with agoraphobia really made me refocus on where my life was heading and I’m still very much in recovery at this point. But I’m happier than I have ever been before, doing things which I’m actually so passionate about! I’m also a freelance content writer and social media manager. I have a cat called Millie and I’m absolutely obsessed with her!!😻 I’m extremely passionate about living a cruelty-free, ethical and holistic lifestyle. I loveeeee deep conversations, yoga, philosophy, dance, photography and basically doing anything that gets my creative juices flowing and that helps other people and the planet.”

You  can find Kay at her blog or on Twitter, and I highly recommend that you do!

Kay also runs a second blog, and I was lucky enough to be asked to advertise them both! So here’s a little look at her Mental Health Stories blog.

thumbnail_mhstoriesThere should be no shame or stigma in talking about mental health.Having lived with mental health issues from a very young age, I have experienced a lot of stigma and discrimination. That’s why I wanted to show people that it doesn’t matter their age, gender, race, or economic status, mental illness can affect anyone.his is what a person with mental illness looks like’ is a project to raise awareness as well as educate people on mental health. Doing this by sharing my own experiences, things that have/haven’t helped me as well as stories from people who have struggled/ are still struggling theirs with mental health.want people with mental illness to know, that no matter where they are, they are not alone. As I’ve experienced different types of mental health problems and I’m still living with them, I find that it can be extremely difficult to socialise or sometimes even just to leave the house. By knowing that there are people out there who understand and support me it makes me feel a lot less alone in this and I know that I am not the only one who feels like that.er 150 people have now shared their story on the blog! This blog has helped me so much and it has changed my life! It continues to help sooo many people from all over the world and I am so proud of every single person that has spoken up and shared their story on this platform. 🙂

If you’d like to check out Kay’s Mental Health Stories blog, you can follow it here, or you can follow her on Twitter!

Gemma from An Ocean Glimmer

An Ocean Glimmer Gemma was the winner of my post-Christmas advertising package giveaway, and I’m so excited to share her blog and content with you! Here’s a few words from Gemma:

“Hello, I’m Gemma Bray – an twenty-one year old blogger from Plymouth, Devon.<br
been blogging since October of last year. I mainly blog about Formula 1, Lifestyle and Beauty, along with documenting special moments in my life.<br
third-year Journalism student at the University of St Mark and St John. Along with my studies, I am a part-time sales assistant at SportsDirect.<br
contribute regularly to an online motorsports website called The Checkered Flag. This is an amazing opportunity for me as one day I hope to be a motorsports Journalist.<br
ly hope you enjoy browsing my blog. Please feel free to get in contact with me through my blog, Twitter, or Instagram.”<br


Alicia from A Lifestyle Blog


A little about Alicia:

“I’m a twenty-one-year-old lifestyle blogger living in the south of England. I write about topics such as self-help and wellness, personal growth, social justice, blogging tips for beginners, and general lifestyle. I’m also a creator of think pieces – posts that mainly focus on self-reflection and/or observations of 21st century living. As of September 2017, I’m also a self-published author of my debut poetry collection ‘I Danced with Sorrow’. It’s now available on Amazon (worldwide). Stay tuned for posts every Monday and Friday!”

Alicia’s blog was launched in December 2017 for lifestyle enthusiasts. It allows her to share her passion(s) with others. She wants to discuss all things lifestyle and occasionally focus on subjects that she doesn’t think are highlighted enough in wider society. Alicia hopes that her site can one day grow into a larger community of readers who are looking to widen their understanding of others’ experiences, in particular. If you’re a lover of anything lifestyle, or you’re looking for blogging tips or advice on a range of issues, then definitely check out her blog!


There we have 5 amazing blogs for you to go and have a look at!

If you’d like to see your blog advertised here, check out my packages through this link! Happy New Year everyone xxx

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