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January 2018

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Good morning world, it’s a brand new year! And with that comes a look back at the goals I set in 2017, my brief look at December, new goals for 2018, and some January goals! so really over here it’s all goal, goal, goal!Firstly, I want to make a point to note that this month we have 3 new advertisers here on Life With Ktkinnes! Be sure to keep an eye out for the post about them on Wednesday this week, but until then, take a look at their blogs through their blog buttons over there on the right hand side.

December has now been and gone, but back at the start of it I was ready to get home for Christmas. The first weekend saw me finishing decorating for Christmas, and I did my usual shopping and cleaning. Blogmas took a lot of my time, trying to organise everything. A busy week of work followed, and after I handed in my resignation at work, I was ready to go home. Jordanne and I had our Christmas night in with a lot of drinks and a rather tasty dinner, and the rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and packing. On the Monday morning, I did my final few things, met Jordanne for coffee, went to Mary and Nuala’s for their Christmas Pot Luck Dinner, and then headed from Glasgow to Cairnryan to get my 3:30am boat back to Northern Ireland. The boat journey passed without any issues, and I drove back to Lisburn, arriving around 6:30am. The only problem was, Lisburn had more snow than I was expecting so I couldn’t just drive into the street and let myself in to the house. Instead, I drove to Mum’s office and hid there to surprise her. I saw family, went to the shops with my granny, and tried to sleep in the afternoon. That evening, we went for drinks when mum got out of work. Rachel got home the next day, and unsurprisingly we spent the rest of the week shopping for Mum’s birthday presents. For her birthday, we treated her to a lie in, an afternoon at her mum’s, and a meal out at one of our favourite Indian restaurants. The next week was then spent preparing for Christmas, and we finished it off by a family trip to see Paddington 2 – loved it! Christmas was brilliant, and we spent a lot of time with different parts of the family, and so it was actually quite nice to relax for a couple of days between Christmas and New Year. We got a road trip up to the north coast – so Coleraine, Portstewart and Portrush, which ended (as always) with a delicious dinner in the Ramore Wine Bar.

January is already set to be a busy time, and hopefully in the middle of all the goings-on, I will find a job. Rachel heads back to Edinburgh this week, Dad’s birthday is in the middle of the month, and I’m hoping to keep on top of things here too.

So before we go any further with January’s expectations, you may remember me saying yesterday that I would look at my goals for 2017 in this post today. Do you think I achieved many of them?

2017 Goals


  1. Lose 2 stone in weight. That’s 28 pounds across 12 months. 2 and a half a month roughly. Perfectly doable.
    It’s great to be able to say I completely surpassed this goal, and have now lost a grand total of 53lbs! That’s almost double what I had anticipated! So the fact that those 53lbs all came off between June and today, I am delighted.
  2. Save money.
    looooool……. this didn’t really happen. I moved in on my own, was travelling a lot, and just generally enjoyed life.
  3. Become more confident.
    Can we judge this? According to my family, I am more confident. I don’t know whether or not this is true, but I’ll say I do feel more comfortable in myself.
  4. Read 12 books.
    I actually read 20 books this year! So this was another goal I completely surpassed! You can find out what they all were here.


  1. Post 2 times a week.
    Okay so I managed this most months, however I think we can all agree that August was a complete flop. Sorry!
  2. Try and keep to a schedule of posts.
    Again, my scheduled worked while I was at university, but it took a bit of a hit when I started working. For this reason, I’ll be rejigging my schedule this year, but not quite sure how yet!
  3. Reach 350 followers by the end of the year.
    Well, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen me asking for my last few followers to reach 500 blog followers! I mean…. five hundred?!?! Wow…
  4. Interact with more blogs and their authors!
    I feel like I did this? I met some brilliant bloggers this year, and hope to actually meet them face to face over the next year!


  1. Pass this year and get into 3rd year.
  2. Keep on top of work.
  3. Ask questions if I’m confused or need help.

Look, let’s just accept that none of those worked out, so let’s keep scrolling…


  1. Visit one new country.
    Well, if you remember from my post back in April, I talked about how Rachel and I were just back from Lanzarote, and Mum and Dad had just booked for the 3 of us to go to Turkey! While we were away, we also travelled to Rhodes for the day from Turkey, so that makes 2 new countries!
  2. Meet up with Francesca!
    Unfortunately we all kind of drifted apart after leaving GRLPOWR so this never happened.
  3. Go on more adventures or days out
    So I think we can definitely say I’ve visited new places, gone on days out, and just generally made the most of 2017. Between Kirkcaldy, Aberdeen, Dundee, Cumbernauld, Lanzarote, Southampton, Portsmouth, Leeds, Marmaris, Rhodes, Dundee again, Disneyland Paris, Ibiza, and Edinburgh, I’ve certainly been travelling around the place a lot. Hopefully 2018 will be slightly more settled, but at the same time I know I’ll never forget 2017 for the year of travel it became. I know a lot of you probably wouldn’t count the little trips, but I’m glad I did – it just feels like I got exploring the UK a bit more too.

How did you get on with your goals for 2017? And do you have any for 2018? I do! And again I’ve split them into categories:

2018 Goals


  1. Drink more water.
  2. Exercise at least once a week.
  3. Lose 3½ stone in weight to reach my goal weight.
  4. Meditate or use my “Breathe” app daily.
  5. Sleep 7 hours a night.


  1. Read 24 books
  2. Create and work from a bullet journal.
  3. Keep up old friendships
  4. Find a hobby/class I enjoy.
  5. Watch 52 films this year.


  1. Reach 650 blog followers, 10,000 Twitter followers, and 1,000 Instagram followers.
  2. Create and stick to a blogging schedule.
  3. Work with more brands/companies/authors in the way of reviews and sponsored posts.
  4. Figure out and grow my Pinterest.
  5. Go to blogger meet-ups and events.

So I have fewer categories than last year, but have actually ended up with more goals. Do you share any of my goals? Or what ones do you have that are different to mine? Let me know in the comments below!


Finally, to finish off, I have a few goals for January.  Need to get cracking on them!

  1. Find a job.
  2. Read one book.
  3. Watch 4 films.
  4. Socialise more.
  5. Set up and stick to my bullet journal


Nice and simple! Wish me luck…


  • Lisa's Notebook

    I think you have done amazingly with your 2017 goals – please don’t be hard on yourself, you should be celebrating your achievements! I’m in awe of all you’ve done and even more in awe of your 2018 goals.Good luck, I’m looking forward to seeing how fast you smash them all too! X

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

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