It’s getting closer…

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The time is almost here! The time when my blog, and many others, transform to their Christmas states and we spend hours scrolling through blogmas posts. But how do people manage blogmas? Here’s an insight into my blogmas planning…

As you may or may not have guessed, I love Christmas and everything to do with it! So when I was first introduced to the concept of blogmas I just knew that was something I could get in on.


So what exactly is blogmas? Well, the simple explanation is that it’s a blogging challenge that runs from 1st December until Christmas Day. Your posts don’t have to be Christmas related, but a lot of them tend to be. And those of us crazy enough decide to run it for the length of December! So this can take a lot of planning.  For anyone not keen on committing to this many posts, there is also the 12 Days Of Christmas Challenge that a lot of people get involved in!


Speaking of planning, I started planning back in March. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but when you’re running blogmas on both your own blog and the one you help run, you need to be on top of things! So in March I drafted my post on my Christmas Card Swap 2017, and started to think about what posts I didn’t want to write. Having just done it a few months previously, I knew there were a few posts I wanted to do differently.


I find that having a Word Document made up into a table with 11 columns and at least 35 rows helps me. I put in the dates, the topic, my countdown plan, and then the following helps me get them written on time! I have written, pics uploaded, scheduled, published, tweets scheduled, instagram post drafted, pinned, and facebook groups. It may sound silly, but it just means I can keep track of exactly what has been done.


After I’ve done this, I start to make my list of post topics. You’ll have to wait until the posts are live to see what they are, but there are so many lists of options! Some topics you can consider are below:

  1. Gift guides
  2. Christmas recipes
  3. Christmas jumpers
  4. Partywear ideas
  5. Christmas Playlist
  6. Favourite Christmas songs
  7. Favourite Christmas films
  8. Books to read this Christmas
  9. Christmas DIYs
  10. A tour of your decorations!


Once you’ve come up with your post ideas, now it’s time to start writing them! One key to taking part in Blogmas is to write what you can, when you can. Are you writing a post on how to bake your favourite Christmas cookies? Get making them in September so you can take a photo of that perfect batch! Or do you always have the same decorations? Use photos from previous years and get that post ticked off! Or, you can even do what I do and write as many of your posts in advance, and take all the photos the day before. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but preparation really does help!


Can you schedule some tweets in advance? Or even just plan out your christmas movie nights! But by planning early, you can save yourself a lot of stress. I’m currently writing this post for November, having already written and scheduled 10 posts, with another 3 just waiting for photos!


Now I know my blog shouldn’t be a priority when I’m working full time and am stressed probably 90% of the time, but blogmas brings me so much happiness, and the next month is going to be great! So make sure you come check out even just post number one on Friday, and let me know what you think!

Are you taking part in Blogmas or Vlogmas this year? Leave your link below so I can keep up with  your posts!


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2 thoughts on “It’s getting closer…

  1. Lisa's Notebook

    OMG Katie, you are so organised! I know you have to be because of work and BloggersTribe but March!! Seriously!! I’m not doing Blogmas this year because I would be far too stressed trying to schedule everything but your tips are great – maybe I’ll try it next year?! X

    Lisa |

  2. bexcapades

    Oooh, some great ideas, not sure I’d have enough ideas for blogmas but I’d definitely consider the 12 days of Christmas! ☺️

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