Ireland vs Scotland

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Hi everyone! I’m back again! At last, I hear some of you say, and so I wanted to start with a brief apology for not really being on top of things over the last while. But, for anyone who doesn’t follow me on Twitter, last weekend I was down in Dublin to watch Ireland beat Scotland in their penultimate match of the 2018 Six Nations Championship.

The weekend itself was jam-packed, and needless to say I am still trying to recover from it, but it was fantastic – and I’m not just talking about the rugby!


Friday didn’t start off too well. I overslept, Mum’s car battery was flat, and I ended up slightly late to work because I had to drive her in. Work was going fine until I managed to somehow spectacularly fall in the car park while crossing to the warehouse. I somehow wrecked my wrist, and to be honest it’s still not one hundred percent. Coming home to the house filled with the Scottish half of the family was interesting… shall we say if there had been an air raid siren going off we probably wouldn’t have heard it? Everyone was excited and full of chat, and in a room with 8 people there was a lot to discuss. Once the Scots headed to my granny’s for the weekend, it was time for a quick dinner, and to pick Rachel up from the airport. It wasn’t a late night though, so we headed to bed with alarms set for early on Saturday morning.


Match day arrived, and the alarms sounded at 7am. Showers, a quick breakfast, and we were on the bus for just after 8:30 to get us down to Dublin to watch the rugby match! We were in the rugby’s hospitality area, so had a few drinks and got a walk around the hospitality area before sitting down to have our meal and listen to the pre-match talks.


The food was incredible, even if slightly small portions. The size was made up for by the richness, and the fact that I forgot to take a photo of the food is enough of a sign that it was so tasty!


I won’t go too much into the rest of the day. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So the rest of this post is just a few pics from the day. Rachel somehow managed to take around 100 photos, so while I won’t bore you all with them, I do have quite a few!


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