Inside My Wallet and Younger Me

Firstly, sorry for not posting the last 2 days, I had pre-written these two posts but forgot to actually post them!
Inside My Wallet.


Rather than boring you with my massive purse, filled with multiple cards, I’m sharing with you my night out purse.

In here, I carry my ID, a bank card, my organ donor card, and my marrow donor card. Alongside this, I have a £20 note and £5 in cash. Always handy to have at least £5 left for trying to get home after a night out!
Younger Me.


Here we have Rachel, me, and Baron in front of us. This was (I think) Rachel’s first day of Primary 1 in Scotland. She would be about 5, me about 8, and Baron approximately 1 year old. I miss the old days of Primary School and Forfar… Life was so much simpler back then!
Sorry again for them being so late, come back tonight for today’s Photo A Day!
Ktkinnes xx


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