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Hi hi hi! It’s Monday, I’m shattered, I’m almost half way through season 5 of Game of Thrones, oh and I’m running late for work as always. How’re you all today? You may have guessed I’m actually in a great mood despite the lack of sleep. Partially due to my Game of Thrones addiction actually, but moving swiftly on.

The last week was super busy for some unknown reason, and yet I still can’t work out quite why it was so busy. But the last couple of days reminded me how important friends are. Whether at this particular moment you’re in their corner, or if they’re currently in yours, it doesn’t matter. Unless of course you’re in a circular room with no corners, but we’ll discuss that another time.


Yes, I will have a quick weekend catch up. Can you really believe it’s been yet another week? So. Last Monday I greeted you with my new lunch recipe that I had cooked. I can now confirm that these were delicious and you should all make them. Just saying.  So yes. Monday. I don’t actually think anything happened on Monday now that I think about it. Tuesday saw another day in the office, and after going home to a delicious dish of mussels, Dad and I went to see Mamma Mia Here We Go Again! I loved it. To be honest, loved wouldn’t even begin to cover it. So much so, I’m really hoping it’s still out when Rachel’s next back just so I can see it again. Wednesday saw the start of a new month, and with it began a great day. I was in a super mood, nothing was going to bring me down. Especially not people complaining. It then reached home time, and again I headed out to choir. It was a good night, and surprisingly we were able to sing a few songs without the sheet music! Which reminds me, I do want to try and learn off another one for this week… Thursday came around and my good mood continued! After work I went to weight watchers and got a bit more motivation for the week ahead. My good mood had disappeared by the time I got home though, but it was fine. Friday dawned and it was the end of the week. Things didn’t start the best, but by the end of the day we were back on track. We even got leaving slightly early! That night, Mum and I went to a Scentsy party hosted by a daughter of one of her friends. It was a great night, and my new wax melts will be here in roughly 2 weeks! I’ll have to share them all with you when they get here. On Saturday, I took my granny on a road trip to Fermanagh to see my aunt, and we had a good day. Lunch in Irvinestown, afternoon coffee at Tickety Moo – the local ice cream farm – and back home on time for dinner. Needless to say I was shattered, and to my delight and surprise, I slept for 12 hours! Can’t say that for last night… Sunday then was spent getting organised for the week ahead, baking a coffee cake, sorting out my other granny’s new phone, and then we watched Florence Foster Jenkins. It was surprisingly good!


Then, as you can guess, I watched another episode of Game of Thrones and headed to bed. And I’m currently just hoping that somewhere across in Scotland, Jordanne is persuading Stephen to take a road trip to Belfast. Which actually brings me on to the main part of this post.


I started off talking about having friends in your corner. That’s super important. Whether they’re family, long time friends, people you’ve just met, anyone. The important thing is they’re in your corner. Right? Well. Not necessarily. Being in their corner is equally as important.


Take Jordanne and Claire for example. The two of them will always (I hope) be in my corner. And that’s because I will always be in their corner. You want one of us? Nah, you get all three. We might not talk every second of every day, but we will always have each others’ backs.


Jordanne and I first chatted during a #MoonChat what is probably over 2 years ago now. To be honest, I can’t even be exact right now, I need TimeHop to tell me. We connected because of a strange person, and the great fun of the hashtag MooChat we were using – forgetting to put the “n” in. After that, I realised here was a blogger with a much bigger following than me, and so I was slightly scared and didn’t interact again for fear of being ignored. I should never have worried. I then accidentally somehow got involved in a huge group chat with about 28 other people on Twitter. And there, to my surprise, was Jordanne again! Through chatting in the group chat, and then a little separately, we realised we were both in Glasgow and needed to meet up as soon as possible. I mean, we’d already planned to travel to London for a weekend together, so why not? Best decision we ever made. Jordanne was nervous and talked non-stop, I was nervous and was happy to let her talk so I could listen and hide behind my silence. Little did she know she was getting involved with someone who could talk the hind legs off a donkey given the chance!


Here we are, those 2 years later, still friends, having been to London, Edinburgh, Paris and Ibiza together, and hopefully we can get a couple more adventures scheduled soon.


Claire, well to be honest I can’t ever remember not talking to Claire. So when she Skyped me and Jordanne as we had a weekend sleepover at her house, well it seemed like we’d known each other for years! Something just clicked, you know? And even though we still haven’t actually met face to face, we know that we’re there for each other no matter what.


Sometimes we do just meet people – whether face to face or online – and we just click. For some people, they’re lucky enough to have it happen with a whole heap of people. I’m more than happy with my two. They’re in my corner, and I’m in their corner, and no matter what happens in our personal lives, we are the three musketeers – ready to take on anything from solving the problems of the world, to egg hunting, to planning Christmas in March. Yes we’re those type of people and no one is going to rain on my parade!


Speaking of… anyone want to start writing my blogmas posts for me?

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  • Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    Ahhh! I loved this post Katie, it’s awesome! I LOVE scentsy, their stuff smells amazing. They have a tropical one that is sooooo nice. Its important that you have friends always in your corner, I’m so blessed to have you and Claire. We may not talk EVERYDAY but we will always be here, no matter what!

    Jordanne ||

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