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Imagining the End of Lockdown

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In case you, like me, seem to be having difficulty keeping track of days… it’s New Post Wednesday! Anyone else also really looking forward to getting back to work as soon as safely possible? Because today’s post is all about imagining the end of lockdown – just in case the title didn’t give it away.

I suppose that’s a little unfair – I have actually been enjoying lockdown for several reasons (you can check up on them by reading my Lockdown Silver Linings Tag), and we’ve a few projects on the go in the house at the minute. Actually if you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram then you’ll probably be aware of some of them! But I want to keep them quieter on here until I do an update post in a few weeks. What? I need to keep my options open for posts! The main thing that’s bothering me is I was meant to be travelling to Scotland tomorrow for a wedding and a few days with Rachel. But silver lining is I now get to spend the money I’ve saved by not going this year on these projects in the house. But nothing will fix the fact I was meant to be seeing Tom Jones in concert at the end of the month and now that’s been postponed by at least a year. In fact, if Elton John in November gets cancelled or postponed then there will be tears.

Imagining the End of Lockdown Life With Ktkinnes

But as I was saying, today I’m imagining the end of lockdown, having been tagged in this new tag-style post by @AndSmelly from Smelly Socks and Garden Peas. You can check out their post here!

So as we all know, England announced they were beginning to lift aspects of their lockdown. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland decided to let them get on with it while we continue with Say Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives. I mean, what does “Stay Alert” even really mean? Alert enough to snap at someone in Tesco when they won’t leave you your 2 metre space? I actually saw a tweet last week about someone being kicked out of a store because they punched a guy who purposefully coughed on them… can’t remember who tweeted that though…  Sorry, I digress. A bad habit. Maybe that should be one of next year’s New Year Resolutions? Anyhoo, let’s get back to imagining the end of lockdown.

Bill over at A Silly Place has invited everyone tagged to write about what that first weekend at the end of lockdown will be like for them. You can find his post on the subject here.


Imagining The End Of Lockdown – Initial Lifting

So the first weekend of us being allowed to travel for journeys that are deemed unnecessary. Well I know the likelihood is we’ll be restricted to small groups first. In which case, and on the understanding that pubs and restaurants will still be closed, I imagine that we’ll be headed somewhere for a good long walk. A picnic basket will be packed with sandwiches and crisps and drinks and snacks, and we’ll take a drive to somewhere at least an hour away. I’m honestly craving being near the sea, so whether it’s up north or down to Newcastle for a walk I don’t really care. Oh! Or down to Fermanagh for a day! My cousin had a baby the first full weekend of lockdown – the first of our generation. Now that I think of it, first chance we get to visit family and we’ll head down there for a walk around Castle Archdale and then to see the baby.

However, things will be different the first weekend that lockdown is well and truly lifted and all industries are open again. That weekend? Well I’m hoping it would look something like this…

Imagining The End Of Lockdown – Fully Lifted

Friday afternoon I would be finishing work at 4pm (it seems a little cheeky to ask for an afternoon off when we’ve just had 2 months of being off work) and heading home for a quick shower and change. As soon as we are able to, I want to have a big barbecue with extended friends and family. Every year there’s a charity barbecue we go to in June which has obviously been cancelled for this year. To be honest, the best thing about this barbecue is seeing the extended family and family friends. So that first Friday afternoon, come hail or shine, we will be hiring out the venue and having our own private barbecue. Counting it all up, there would be approx 30 of us, including the musician we would be inviting to come play guitar and sing for us. There would be drinks, plenty of food, good music, and just surrounded by the people we haven’t been able to see for ages. In an ideal world, anyone who has a guitar or portable instrument would be encouraged to bring theirs along, and we’d have Spotify running over the speakers both in the hall and in the garden area so that there was plenty of atmosphere. Eugh, I’m already sad knowing this probably won’t happen for at least another year! Below is me two years ago having had copious amounts of red wine!

Imagining the End of Lockdown Life With Ktkinnes

Saturday morning would see us up bright and early, ready for a road trip. We would have booked a hotel room for up on the north coast. That morning, the car would be loaded with overnight stuff and picnic food, and we’d be up and out. A drive up to the outlet shops first of all, to have a nosy at Lakeland and the shops up there – maybe pick up a bargain! Then back on the road and around to Coleraine for a spot of lunch and more shopping. We’d continue driving afterwards around the coast where we’d probably double back on ourselves a bit to make sure we got stopping at Portballintrae, Bushmills, and any other little “holes in the hedge” where we could get a freshly pulled pint. Can you tell I’m not the driver on this road trip? We’d finally arrive in Portrush probably around 4 o’clock – just enough time to check in and take a walk through the town. A trip to the couple of shops that we love, maybe an ice cream, and then on to Barry’s Amusements! Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of rides I wouldn’t bother with, but I would be dragging everyone on the Waltzer with me! After we’ve satisfied that urge, we can continue around the footpath to the Harbour Bar for a drink or 5. If not there, then up to the cocktail bar in Neptune and Prawn, which is where we would have our dinner. And you can bet I would be forcing myself to have one of the puddings. Cheesecake anyone? They’re huge but oh so good! And finally we’d finish the night with some more drinks at the Harbour Bar, and a walk along the seafront back to the hotel for some sleep.

Imagining the End of Lockdown Life With Ktkinnes

Sunday morning would dawn, and I think I would actually really like to join the crowds who go for a dip in the sea, regardless of the temperature. Diving suits aren’t allowed, and I would be there! Then back to the hotel for a late breakfast and a shower to warm up. Another walk beside the sea before a drive home, stopping off for Sunday Lunch on the drive home.

Imagining the End of Lockdown Life With Ktkinnes

So there you have it!

That’s what I imagine doing at the end of lockdown. Of course I would love to travel further – Scotland to see friends and family, or even further with a sunny holiday at the end of it – but for now I’m just looking forward to being able to do what we always get doing at this time of year.

I tag…

I would like to tag Jordanne, Donna, and the crew behind Hyacinth for the Soul to take part next, but if you decide to take part without being tagged then please let me know because I would love to read your posts!


  • Green Socks

    That sounds a wonderful weekend away. I think we maybe need to plan a trip to Ireland sometime, I’ve never been! Family BBQ is perfect too. When lockdown is fully lifted I’ll be pestering himself for a big party too. Gread read xx

  • Nicola J Ogston

    This sounds like the perfect way to end lockdown. My idea of the end of lockdown is a little selfish, in that our son will be going to stay with his grandparents for a bit. I can’t wait lol. N x

  • T. B. C...

    This all sounds so delicious! And we were right there with you, for walks along the beach and dips in the sea! Ahh! Thank you for the Tag! Xx

  • Liz

    I highly enjoyed reading your post about what you’d do post lockdown. They sound like great plans! I’m looking forward to the end of lockdown as well when all businesses are allowed to open and we can travel again.

  • Kristyn

    Sounds like an ideal plan for the end of lockdown. I’m in Canada and things are slowly starting to lift. I’ve been out of work and will likely be among the last to return, and have mixed feelings about my staycation coming to an end!

  • Boomer EcoCrusader

    I feel your pain on the cancelled concerts. The Elton John concert I had tickets for at the end of March was postponed and my daughter and I were going to see one of our favourite bands, Walk Off The Earth, at the end of June to celebrate her 20th birthday. It has now been cancelled. 😢 Love Tom Jones. Saw him with my Mum about 10 years ago. I enjoyed reading about your post-lockdown weekend. Hopefully it can happen soon!

  • Sakshi Raina

    That sounds like a perfect plan! it’s more than 2 months since we have been in lockdown in India and although restrictions are now being lifted slowly, I’m still afraid to step outside as the cases are only rising up each day. I hope things get better soon.

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