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I’m back! Again!

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Hello everyone! I’m back in action today after a very busy week. Kelsey arrived early on Wednesday morning and only left yesterday so it was go go go the entire time, even with my final exam in the middle of it all. On the Wednesday she arrived, we all went for lunch in Cafe Andaluz, a tapas restaurant. Oh my word I am still fantasising about that meal – best food I’ve had in who knows how long!

I'm back! Again! Life With Ktkinnes
All the food. We ordered 3 plates each!

Of course, Nuala was the one to photograph the food while the rest of us took pictures of each other. I would highly recommend Cafe Andaluz to anyone in Glasgow looking for a lovely meal.

I'm back! Again! Life With Ktkinnes
(left to right) Nuala, Me, Kelsey, Mary and Jason

Afterwards, we sat in George Square for a while until it was time to go and see Captain America: Civil War! Great film. Go watch it. Now. Or at least watch the trailer here! I would probably rate it 8 out of 10 as although I loved the film, there were some things that put me off it a bit. My opinion is that the plot was almost non existent and simply there to move the film from one action scene to the next. Still was a fantastic film.

Thursday was then spent in the Botanic Gardens, sleeping off hangovers in the sunshine. When it came to dinner, I cooked my Chicken Jalousie with some salad, wedges and garlic bread. I even made gluten free pastry from scratch! It was an interesting experience and not one I will hurry to repeat.

I'm back! Again! Life With Ktkinnes
Thursday night flat dinner

After dinner, we started drinking and ended up on a night out in Garage. They were having a Disney party and so we all got tiaras.

I'm back! Again! Life With Ktkinnes

Friday, I spent the morning revising. We then went to the park to play frisbee for a while before ordering Dominos pizza. Unfortunately there was a problem with our order in that we were given someone else’s pizzas. We had ordered 2 large, meaty pizzas. The pizzas we were given? 2 medium, vegetarian pizzas. A very sad moment. So I phoned the store and they sent out new pizzas to us, also allowing us to keep the other pizzas! So 4 pizzas for the cost of £18.99. We were still eating pizza on Monday. Friday night we just watched a film and had an earlyish night.

Saturday. Jason and Kelsey went back to the botanic gardens to give me some peace to revise. After a few hours, I joined them and we looked around the orchid show in one of the green houses. Afterwards, we met a friend for drinks and dinner in Wetherspoons before we headed home to watch Eurovision. My Twitter feed exploded – sorry to anyone who follows me!

Sunday was spent doing last minute revisions while everyone else took a more relaxing day – reading and sleeping for ages. Around 7pm, we went for dinner at The Hill on Byres Road. One word – delicious. It was so good. I had a beef stir fry with udon noodles. So much flavour, less than £10 a main course. Returning to the flat, we watched Sex Box – a strangely intriguing show. Not sure if I would recommend it or not.

Monday. Final day of exams! The exam wasn’t great, but it meant I was done for summer! Afterwards, we went to Paws for Stress – an event in the union where you could go and play with dogs to relieve stress. Honestly the best I have felt in a long time. After this, we started drinking and didn’t stop until bed almost 12 hours later…. It was a long long day…

I'm back! Again! Life With Ktkinnes
Yesterday, Kelsey left very early in the morning. I spent the day with Paul, shopping and talking and walking a lot before going to his to watch Big. Having never seen it before, I loved it. Would definitely watch it again!

Now I’m just sitting waiting for Jason to get ready for us to go into town. We have euro to buy and some things we need for Paris – less than a week to go! Sorry for the long winded description of the last few days, I will get onto more interesting posts at some stage soon. But for now, I need to take out the recycling 😔

Have a good day!

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