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If I Won the Lottery | AD Life With Ktkinnes
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It’s been one heck of a weekend – 4 posts on 4 consecutive days? Truth is it probably wouldn’t be as many if they weren’t sponsored, but, as with the rest of the country, my bank account is really beginning to notice that furlough pinch. Sitting on Friday afternoon, I began to dream about what I would do if I won the lottery, and immediately bought a ticket!

I mean, you might have guessed, but I didn’t win the lottery. Nor did I even win a measly lucky dip for Tuesday night’s jackpot. Think I’m done spending my money that way to be honest! But it’s always nice to dream, and with Christmas coming up I began to consider all the things I would buy and do if I won the lottery. For the purposes of this post, I decided to act as if I had won the biggest Euromillions Jackpot ever – £170.2 million.

First up, I decided to deal with family and friends first. I mean, we all know the first answers are “clear the credit card, buy a new house and a new car, and book a holiday”. But with things the way they are this year, I’d probably just clear the credit card first, because I want to design my own house using my £170,221,000.

If I Won – Family

Mum and Dad

First up, Mum and Dad want a holiday house. I mean, Dad wants his in Ibiza, Mum wants hers on the north coast of Northern Ireland. So I think I could maybe stretch and get them both! But after that, I’d put a lot of money into doing up the house they currently live in. While the kitchen was replaced last year, there’s a lot still to be done. From painting and recarpeting, to getting rid of the fireplace in the dining room, putting in a new bathroom, and getting the upstairs properly kitted out. They’d probably put new doors in all around the house, and then they need a load of windows replaced. Rather than going bog-standard though, I think I’d have to treat them to the best of the best. Which is why I would be pointing them towards the toughened laminated glass sold by Tuffx Processed Glass Ltd – toughened glass suppliers in the UK who did the glass for The Shard and Edinburgh Zoo. Imagine that nice clear glass in the conservatory or on the stairs? Once their house is finished, I’d get Dad the new car he’s been wanting, and promise them a holiday away somewhere when it’s safe to go.

If I won the lottery villa in Ibiza
A villa in Ibiza


Not entirely sure what Rachel would most want, however I would definitely be giving her the money for a house or flat. And a car if she wanted one. But I know she would love a St Bernard, so my reasoning is she would need a house and car big enough for one. Plus probably a holiday, again for some time in the future! I’d also be putting money into a savings account for any children she may eventually have.

If I Won the Lottery | AD Life With Ktkinnes
A puppy for Rachel

The Grannies

Okay so both are very different people, and with very different likes and needs. So instead of throwing money at them, I’d probably book a few experiences with each of them. Granny B doesn’t like travelling anymore – the hassle of it all and being in a plane just doesn’t appeal. So for her I would probably do a road trip to visit all the places she remembers from her childhood, or mean something to her. Stay in hotels, have a few nice meals out, and then I’d get her flat redecorated for her. And probably donate quite a bit of money to the fold she’s living in to put heaters and things outside for them to be able to socialise outside – something they definitely they can’t do at the minute!
As for the other granny, we’d probably do her Scottish North Coast road trip she’s been wanting to do for years! Again, staying in hotels, having good meals out, and just spending time with each of them.

If I Won – Friends

Okay so I probably wouldn’t just hand money over to friends. Instead, I would really love to book one big hotel or estate house and get everyone together for it. A caterer would definitely be needed, and certainly an open bar! It would be a chance for a proper catch up and party, and just a chance to see everyone again – is it bad to say I’m really missing the Zoom quizzes that came from Lockdown?! I don’t know if I’d hire a DJ, or if we’d hire live musicians, but something like that. And to be honest I’d probably stay in the house for quite a while to let everyone come and go as needed for work and studies!

For Me

Well this is a slightly longer list here! As I already said, I’d be clearing off the credit card. I don’t think I’d quit work – I enjoy it! And I’d probably just leave my student loan untouched… is that bad? On the other hand, talking about work and student loans, I would probably look at going back to university full time instead of my part-time Open University degree. And as mentioned above, I’d be hiring a house or hotel somewhere so I could actually see and catch up with my friends. But the main thing I would be looking forward to doing is buying a plot of land to build my own house here in Northern Ireland. I’d have a holiday home in Scotland so I could visit friends and family, and a holiday house somewhere warm and sunny. And if a second lockdown was ever being called, I would be moving to the warm and sunny holiday house and working remotely! Heck, at that point I’d probably look into going freelance. A girl can dream, right??

If I were allowed to indulge in my dreams, I would definitely be designing my own house. Some of you may remember my dream student house from years ago. Things have changed quite a bit since then, and now I’d like to share my new and improved dream home with you all. But I’ll save that for a post in its own right.

On the other hand, I would probably keep my car. I like it. And while I would love a Mini or a Beetle, my little Ibiza is going strong right now. She needs a touch up of paint in a few areas, but that would be easily fixed. I’d maybe look at buying a couple of different guitars. And/or getting proper lessons. Either that or I’d start paying Robert for lessons. Because while I’m getting there, there’s so much I don’t know! While we’re talking music, I’d be making sure I bought a ticket to every concert I wanted to see. Doesn’t matter where in the world – I would be there! And you can bet I would be going shopping. Or hiring someone to buy all my clothes for me! Nice clothes, work clothes, summer, winter… I’d have an entirely new wardrobe. And to be honest I wouldn’t care if they were all from charity shops – that would be even better! Which reminds me, I’d probably get laser eye surgery if possible. The last thing I would be buying for myself is then Christmas stuff. My houses would be like entering a winter wonderland every December. They’d be magnificently decorated, and filled to the brim with Christmas decorations. But they’d have to look classy – none of this Christmas lights everywhere making the place look tacky.

If I Won the Lottery | AD Life With Ktkinnes
My dream Christmas house


I’d be putting some into savings. Or investing. Definitely investing in small, local businesses. And in the arts – music, theatre, and the industries that support them. My thoughts on Friday were that yes okay I would donate to charities that are important to me. But I would also set up a grant system or something along those lines. Something to help those businesses and people overlooked by our government. Unable to survive the last 9 months. Because too many of them aren’t ever going to recover, and the after-effects of the last year won’t be known for quite some time. It would also be there for people looking to start up on their own, or to get them into jobs that are actually suitable for them – unlike the joke of a website the government threw tax-payer money into!

If I Won the Lottery | AD Life With Ktkinnes

If you won £170 million on the lottery, what would you do with it? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “If I Won the Lottery | AD

  1. sunsetsbooksandwine

    It’s great to know what you’d do with all that money. I’d also like to design my own house. We are still renovating ours. Mmm not sure what I’d do with the rest!

  2. Jaclynistic Vibes

    You’ve got some lovely ideas there. I’d be the same and have to do something for my family and friends so we could all enjoy it. And I’d definitely be buying land and designing my own house…I already have some very grand plans for this dream house, lol. The idea of giving grants to small businesses is a great one. We’ll all be going to put the lottery on this week!!

  3. LifeofaCrazyMum

    Such a lovely list of ideas. It’s nice to have dreams 💜

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