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Hellooooo again everyone! Well, as the title suggests, I was back on my favourite island for a week, only this time I was there with Jordanne and in a different town! However, I’ve now been back almost a week, and it feels like I never went away. So I thought, why not relive it and tell you all about it at the same time? I’m just going to put all the photos in at the end so please do read and have a nosey at our photos!


Let’s start with the fun part – our hotel!


Arriving just after 11am, I was delighted with the location of our hotel. It was right on the corner! The beach was literally a minute’s walk away, the bus stop and taxi rank opposite, and plenty of shops and bars around us.

Hostal Mar Y Huertas looked clean enough even though a little dated from the outside. It fitted well into the area, and you could access it through 3 different entrances. With a ramp for easy access for all, and footpaths either side of the hotel, the hotel is perfect for people of all ages.

The reception area is small and quaint, but for all the time you spend in it it’s a good size. The receptionist was pleasant and explained things well regarding the taxes, the hotel facilities, and the meal times.  There was one lift to cover the entire building, and there were a few times we chose to take the stairs to the 3rd (top) floor because the lift was a little temperamental on whether it would come to us or not.

Our Superior High Floor Twin Room was just that – a high floor twin room with a good amount of space for the two of us. The hotel still uses proper keys instead of a key card, so it meant that we could leave our phones charging without worrying about leaving a card in a reader. On entering the room, there’s a sort of entry hall which contains a wardrobe-come-storage-area with about 10 hangers and plenty of shelving. This is also where the safe is, however you need to pay a deposit for it which you can do down at reception. The actual bedroom itself had 2 single beds which were actually quite comfy! There was a desk and a chair under the mirror opposite our beds, and for those of you who like TV while on holiday could rent a remote from reception for the large flat screen above the doorway. Our bathroom was a good size, and for once you didn’t need a degree to work the shower! Outside was a narrow sloping balcony with plastic table and chairs. It was a lovely little sun trap, even if it didn’t give the view we quite wanted or expected! In fact, my only complaints – and even that’s too strong a word – would be that there was only one tiny bin in the bathroom, you have to pay a deposit to use the hairdryer in the bathroom, and you need to also pay if you want aircon in the room. At least we didn’t need the aircon! Jordanne was chilly at night, and I was able to float along happily and just didn’t sleep under covers.


The restaurant, bar, and pool areas were kept clean, and the staffing team – small as it was – were always smiling and happy to help. The food in the restaurant was decent, and a menu was listed in reception every day for you to see the options in advance. There was only one night we struggled to find something we wanted, and our only complaint about the food at breakfast was that they served bacon one day and sausages the next. On bacon days, the bacon was gone 30 seconds after it was topped up due to people piling it onto their plates. Not cool. Breakfast was between 8:30am and 10am, so a few mornings we went out for breakfast after a late night the night before, and dinner was between 7pm and 9pm. You could eat inside or out, and drinks were available from the bar throughout the meal. The hotel also did a happy hour between 9pm and 10pm on local spirits and some beers. Cocktails were around 6 euro, and a malibu and coke would set you back 3 euro 20 per drink – so not exactly expensive! Especially not when a glass of coke would cost over 3 euro.


The pool was small itself, with about 25-30 sunbeds around it, but with it being the end of the season we were able to get a bed any time we wanted one. It was kept lovely and clean, and the pool was nice and refreshing in the heat of the day.


So now we’ve covered the hotel, I feel like I should update you on what we got up to!


Our girls holiday fun!


Travelling overnight and in the early hours of the morning, Jordanne and I were shattered but we were so excited to get on that flight! We dozed on the plane, and it was quick and easy through border control and collecting our suitcases. Unfortunately, our bus transfer to the hotel wasn’t there on time, so we had to wait outside for the bus to appear. As we were standing out there, a wasp flew into Jordanne’s shoe and stung her foot. Not a great start to the holiday! The bus finally appeared, and as she was getting on the bus Jordanne then managed to go over on her ankle… If this was a sign of how the week was going to go, I was beginning to get a little nervous.


So as I said, we arrived around lunch time and got straight into our room where we unpacked and had lunch before we decided to go out and show Jordanne the town. It was so warm, even with the wind blasting us, and we were shattered. After a look through the main street, and sourcing alcohol for the week, we walked back to the hotel for a nap before dinner. That first night we ate dinner in the hotel, walked through a couple of shops, had a drink in the hotel, and then went up to have an early night. Those of you who follow Bloggers Tribe on Instagram will have seen our late night Cheesey Pop party! Eventually we collapsed into bed and fell asleep.


Sunday was our first full day on the island so of course we managed to sleep through breakfast. We agreed to take it slow, so walked around the rest of the town, took a walk on the beach, and just had a relaxing day. That night we took a trip to Popeye’s – a local bar – and watched a tribute act before taking a dander back, having a last drink in the bar, and then heading up to the room to chat and have an early night.


Monday saw us heading into Santa Eulalia and up to Sol Beach House to see my old friends! The hotel is currently undergoing more work – they’re building a new wing – and the majority of the old staffing team has either left or been fired. We decided to stop for a drink as Jordanne was feeling a bit tired and I was far too warm. As we decided which cocktail to have, a familiar face appeared behind the bar and I was so happy to see Angel again! We relaxed for a while, chatted to Angel, and arranged to meet him and a few others for drinks that night. After eventually getting back to the hotel, we relaxed by the pool a while longer and then had dinner. That night we took part in the quiz in the hotel, and sang happy birthday to Gucci, the entertainment woman’s dog! We went to Granny’s Bar to meet up with my friends, and it was a great night. I don’t know if you all saw on twitter, but there was one incident that kept cropping up. While we were drinking outside Granny’s we were talking about music and I started playing some on my phone, followed by Angel playing some on his. A random Spanish man came over and kept trying to talk to us in SPanish but of course Jordanne and I didn’t know what he was saying. When the outside area closed, and we walked over to the bench on the other side of the road, this man followed and began talking to Angel. We gathered they were talking about us from some of the Spanish words, but we chose to pretend to not notice until Angel asked us if either of us wanted to “know” this man. Of course, we both said no, and then the man seemed to get quite angry but Angel held his ground. It turned out the man had wanted to get to know us and was asking to “share” us. No. Just no. We laughed about it and headed on down to the hotel where we went in and went to sleep, thinking nothing more about it other than asking why some guys can’t take no for an answer and laughing at the idea of him asking for permission to share us as if we were someone’s property.


Tuesday saw us taking a day around Es Canar and we spent a while on the beach as well as in a little bar beside the hotel called Apache. Rachel and I had been there before and I love it because you have the British side filled with quizzes and shows and the English staff, and then the other side of the bar is the “Spanish Side” where the locals have their drinks and can chat with the Spanish staff. After a drink in Apache, we wanted to go to the supermarket to buy some water, and there were a few shops Jordanne wanted to look for a new anklet in. On our way up the street, Jordanne noticed the Spanish man from the night before sitting at a bar drinking and still wearing the same clothes as the night before. As she was looking at him, he saw her and gave us a really creepy smile. She started to walk a little faster, and we were both feeling uncomfortable, when she realised he had left his practically full drink and cigarette at the bar and was walking quite quickly behind us to catch up with us. It was actually quite scary! We ended up diving into the supermarket and headed straight to the back of the shop, worried he was going to follow us in. Thankfully he walked past us, but it meant we weren’t at all comfortable staying out, and the minute we got back to the hotel I messaged Angel and told him what had happened. In the end, we saw this man every single day. He never changed his clothes, and he constantly hovered to make us uncomfortable and to anger Angel. But back to Tuesday. Tuesday evening, Angel picked us up from the hotel and took us to watch the sun set over Es Vedra and it was gorgeous. There were about 40 of us sitting at the viewpoint, and everyone was drinking and enjoying themselves. When the sun set, we slowly made our way back to the car, and went back to Granny’s for a few drinks and a game of pool. After a while we realised we were hungry so went to another bar nearby that served the best pizza! It was so good…


On Wednesday we went to the Hippy Market, and Jordanne decided she wants to join the hippies and live a life of freedom – and who can blame her?? It was a great morning, and when we were done walking around the stalls it was time for lunch. That afternoon we went to the beach and got some great photos, before we went back to the hotel and got ready for another night out.

After taking part in the quiz and playing a few card games, we met up with my friends again and this time we went to a local Spanish bar. Walking in, we felt really uncomfortable being the only non-natives there, but afterwards we relaxed so much and had a great evening! The best part? I introduced both Jordanne and Angel to Drinking Jenga! We had a great time and really enjoyed our time there. Before we went back to the hotel, we made a final stop in Granny’s. That’s the night I got rather drunk and spent ages on the Bloggers Tribe Instagram stories… sorry if you saw that! If you missed it, I think Jordanne saved it for her vlog…..


Thursday was a bit of a slow start. After breakfast, we went to the beach and swam as well as then sunbathing for a while. We both managed to fall asleep on the sand for a while, and it was so nice to know that we could safely sleep without burning in the sun! It was an earlier start to our evening this time though. After a few drinks in the hotel room, we made our way to Sol Beach House again and had a night of drinking there where I got talking to other members of staff that I knew from the last 3 years. While we were there, two men at the bar started talking to us. One of them, Tony, was quite rude at the start, and we could tell he was already quite drunk. His friend, Dave, was pleasant though, and he was able to somewhat keep Tony in check. They helped pass the evening until the bar closed, and then from there we went for a late dinner and a few drinks. I do miss Sol, but this trip just made me glad we didn’t go back this year. The staff have changed so much, and there’s no evening atmosphere. Now I know it’s the end of the season, but it was practically dead at the hotel. Which wasn’t bad for me and Jordanne, but I get why Tony and Dave stuck with us – we were a change of company from the older guests who were there.


Friday morning came, and with it was our last day of the holiday. We packed what we could before hitting the shops and the beach. Time seemed to pass really quickly on Friday, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that we had a nap before getting ready for dinner. After that, we had dinner and headed to Apache for their quiz and a cocktail. We weren’t planning on a late night, and I ended up in bed not long after midnight.

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I honestly loved every minute of the holiday. Ibiza will continue to be my favourite place, and I will do everything I can to go back to the island. And the best part? Jordanne has been bitten by the Ibiza bug!

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  1. rosa1eeen

    Ibiza is great and this post has made me want to go back! Looks like you had an awesome time!

  2. Elisa

    I have never been to Ibiza but definitely a good experience. Like fun and bech all together 😁

  3. abbeylouisarose

    It looks like you had an absolutely fantastic time, I’ve never been to Ibiza so I’m seriously jealous! Your hotel sounds lovely and getting a coke and mixer for just a little more than a coke by itself sounds like a good deal to me haha! The guy who was following you around sounded very strange indeed, I am very happy to hear that your friend Angel was so attentive and looked after you and Jordanne so well! Glad you enjoyed yourselves and made it back safe!

    Abbey 🍂 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  4. anoceanglimmer

    I am soo glad to see you had such a lovely time! I definitely need to go abroad again and quick, I am definitely missing it! So no wonder you wanted to relive it again. Looks like you had such a lovely time and I am soo jealous. I don’t know if I would ever want to go to Ibiza though, all I can think of is drinking, drinking and more alcohol!

    Gemma | http://www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

  5. withanoceanviewblog

    Oh I’m so glad you two had a wonderful holiday, it sounded amazing. So sorry you had that creep follow you but I’m glad Katie that you have some friends out there that were there for you. Gucci is one lucky pouch to be sung Happy Birthday to by everyone, bet that was awesome and tbh I would have wanted to join the hippies and live a life of freedom it sounds awesome! So glad you girls had a lovely time away I loved reading about it!

  6. Lola Bellouere

    So happy you had someone to look our for you there. I would love to visit the non party bit! x
    Lola Mia

  7. sirvikalot

    I’m glad you had such a good time. Also I love how much detail you went to on each day and also how relateable is the creepy man chronicles?!

    V <3

  8. Jessica

    I can imagine how exciting it must of been to get on the plane,how ever did you manage to snooze!Cant believe she got stung and did her ankle in,what a way to start!Hotel sounds nice but a lot of hassle to use things that you would think would be included in the price of the room.I can see why you drank in the hotel room,the drinks are so cheap 😮 im jealous.Id of been rather tipsy more than one night,you did good lol!Shame about the pest,theres always one who has to spoil your mood when you’re away with the girls!Thank god for your mate,he sounds great,bet the sunset was stunning!Im actually surprised by your photos,doesn’t look like the ibiza that everyone portrays is it?Glad the locals made you feel comfortable in their bars,always calms your nerves dont it.Happy you had a lovely time,looking forward to hearing all about the next time you go x

  9. lisamclachlan

    Drinking Jenga – fantastic, I’m going to have to try that the next time I go on holiday! It looks like you had an amazing time here, I’m not surprised you love Ibiza so much. It makes it so much more special when you have friends there too. We’ve been going to Turkey for nearly 20 years and we’ve got friends out there, it makes all the difference. Look forward to another holiday diary next time you go back! X

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

  10. Jade J

    You guys had so much fun makes me want to relocate to Ibiza. Amazing pos txx

  11. Jessica & James

    This sounds like the best holiday ever! Looks so good, we have yet to visit Ibiza and this has made me want to plan a hols there soon!

    Jessica & James

  12. thatmummarocks

    So glad you girls had the best time! As you know I’m yet to go to Ibiza but seeing both yours and Jordanne posts I really want to go now! Xx

  13. ktkinnes

    Omg take the kids out of school in May and come with us when we go back! 😍 BLOGGERS TRIBE MEET UP!

  14. Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    THE GUY WAS MOROCCAN! haha I thought that was so funny how offended Angel got when I said the Spanish guy haha it was such a fab time and I’m so glad you asked me to go because it was legit one of the best holidays I’ve ever been on!


    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  15. ktkinnes

    Hahaha I must’ve missed that conversation with him! It was only today I realised he was Moroccan 😂 might go back and change that…

    Hahahaha TINY RICK 🤘🏻

  16. Alicia

    This sounds like such an awesome trip! I wish I could go to Ibiza, especially on a girls trip xx

  17. Corinne and Kirsty

    I feel like everybody is going to Ibiza, except me ahah. I wish I could go. Sounds just so amazing and sounds like you had so much fun! xx corinne

  18. sunkissedscribbles

    I’m glad you had a lovely holiday, even if your were hounded by that creepy guy. I’ve never been to Ibiza (never been abroad actually) but your photos of the island look stunning.

  19. Savana

    Am I the only one who hasn’t been to ibiza. Girls holiday sounds fun, at least from your reading your posts I envisioned being there. Great piece.

  20. The Monday Project

    It sounds like you had the loveliest time and your hotel sounds really nice. I think I need to go to Ibiza, everyone seems to rave about it!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project

  21. Lisa Dimaline

    Sounds like a great time (apart from the creepy dude) I’ve never fancied Ibiza but maybe I should give it a try especially as I always said I’d never go to Tenerife & go every year!

  22. ktkinnes

    Haha to be honest, when I first went to Ibiza 4 years ago I was sceptical, and here I am 4 years later continuing to go back! Thanks for taking the time to comment! xx

  23. thedaysofdaydreaming

    It sounds like you had a really good time! The picture looks amazing too! Its an amazing island – I’d love to go back!! X

  24. Love, Soph

    Ibiza is definitely one of my favourite places ever! Santa Eulalia is gorgeous and me and mum always go there whenever we’re in Ibiza. We always stay in Portinatx as it’s so quiet and a lovely bay! Amazing read❤️❤️

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