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I know what you’re thinking – “Katie, it’s a Saturday afternoon, why are you on here instead of either doing some super cool university-friends thing or actually getting some work done for a change?”

The truth is, probably none of you are thinking this and yet I know it’s what I’m asking myself while I type this post. Yes, it is a lovely day outside, and yes I have a tonne of work to do before I could even consider going to the park, but I just felt I should share this week with you. Or share with someone.

It’s been quite a busy week. Monday was spent finally tidying my bedroom and unpacking after a week away. It might not sound like much but it took a very long time to get it done properly – especially when you’re constantly distracted by your phone and or Twitter! Tuesday, I began to do some work for uni (shocker right there for you – yes it seems I want to pass!) before Irish Dancing. This week we learnt a Slip Jig and my legs were dead by the end of the hour, but then what else is new. In fact, I was actually lucky to still be able to walk by the end of the next day! And so I headed home to make a lovely pea, asparagus and prawn risotto.

white rice on stainless steel bowl
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Wednesday was the usual 9-5 day of lectures and classes followed by a rather hectic hour and a half preparing for my first ever real date. It went really well! So well, in fact, we sat talking over drinks for 4 hours and completely missed our LGBTQ meeting for the night, and I had to message Jason to ask him to bring me a fleece for after because the temperature had just plummeted. Thursday came and went in a blur, with the Irish Dancing Social of an Irish pub crawl that ended with a few of us being rather drunk and definitely wanting to go out. At some stage during this social, I had decided it would be a good idea to message said date from the previous night and arrange to go out again on Friday night – yet another night of being busy! So two dates in one week, they feel like buses. None for ages and then two come along at once. We’ve made plans to see each other again next week for a meal out so that’ll be good fun.

And now that you’re all updated, I should probably go and get some work done! Enjoy your weekend, whatever you get up to. I, for one, am excited to have a quiet night in for a change. You know, I might even take the opportunity to have an early night and watch a film or a few episodes of something before I go to bed. Now I know that that’s not any different to any other night, but ah well. I’m sure we will speak again soon!

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