How To Support UK Small Businesses – A Guest Post

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What’s this – a post on a Monday? Katie must be going mad! Well, actually I just was too excited to share this guest post from Amy to wait for another clear slot on my post planner. So I suppose you’re getting three posts this week. Shall we dive on in, as Amy shows us how to support UK small businesses? The next words you read will be from Amy, so enjoy!

Small businesses are often the first to take a hit when times are hard. Here are 5 ways that you can help small businesses in the UK and make a huge difference.

From the local café to the local pub, small retailers are struggling more now than ever. As a small business owner myself, I have pulled together 5 easy ways we can help support UK small businesses.

As we all know, small businesses add richness to our lives that you just can’t get from the high-street big shops, which is why we need to support UK small businesses.

1. Shop small

Perhaps the number one way to support UK small businesses is to actually shop with them. Many UK artisans are handcrafting some wonderful products that they have made their passion.

Buying products from local businesses makes us feel great. We know where our money is going and we know who it’s going to.

If we are buying a gift for a friend or family member, we also feel empowered that we’ve got some unique and created with love.

A real feel-good factor is taken from supporting local artisans and their eco-friendly business practices.

2. Give a social media shout out

People spend a lot of time at their computers and mobile phones.

When you give a small business a shout out, you are causing a small ripple in the pond. These small ripples help new customers find small businesses. This is a free and super easy way to help.

Plus, small businesses really appreciate being tagged in and will often return the favour by giving you a shout out on their social media accounts, too.

3. Leave small businesses reviews

Businesses often live and die by good reviews.

Leaving a positive review is a huge boost for the retailer. Often the best places to leave a review are directly on the product on the companies’ website or on platforms like Trustpilot or Feefo.

If you really love the business, you could also leave them a Google business review.

To leave a review on Google this can be done when you search for the company name on Google search. If they’ve registered with Google, the review box is on the first page normally on the right hand side of the page – easy!

For small businesses, these reviews are like gold dust as they not only display a happy customer but also help with the businesses’ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

4. Spread the word

Many of my customers come from personal recommendations.

If you have enjoyed the product, and you know others who have similar taste, a small recommendation goes along way.

Social proof is a small businesses’ best friend.

5. Reach out

One thing the small retailer loves is communicating with likeminded people. Reach out and say hello or tell them that you like their product.

Maybe there could be way for you could collaborate or maybe just have a chat.

Messages from the community are a sure-fire way to make the business owner’s day.

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And that’s my top ways to support small businesses in the UK. There are so many amazing business owners out there and they love new customers so keep your eyes open and you may just discover something special. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll stay around to answer any questions.

About the Author

Amy Crossland is the founder of Aubrey Bay who make beautiful handmade candles for candle lovers. She loves candles, home décor and creating healthy products for beautiful homes. She is passionate about supporting small businesses.

PS – A Note From Katie

If you’ve read these 5 suggestions for how to support UK small businesses, why not check out my post on giving back at Christmas, which includes links to some small businesses you can support at any time of year!

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  1. Kayleigh Zara

    I’ve been trying to shop more small right now rather than supporting chains where possible! X

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