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Blogmas Day 5: Home Alone Watch Along

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Well instead of 5 gold rings, today I’m giving you an insight into my head while I watch one of the most cherished Christmas films of all time – Home Alone.Day 5 of blogmas is a reason to celebrate. Why? Because this post has been sitting in my scheduled posts folder for as long as I can remember! Actually I think I started writing it back in February or something, just so I had an excuse to watch Home Alone all over again.

But before I press play, shall we take a look at the film I’ll be watching after work tonight? Tonight’s film is the 1942 Holiday Inn – yet another one I have never heard of and will have to scour the internet for over dinner! However, it has a superb cast, and I’ve definitely heard White Christmas, so I’m looking forward to watching this tonight. Here’s the trailer to help you decide if you want to give it a go or not!

So now that we’re all settled for tonight’s film, I suppose I should press play on Home Alone. Feel free to grab a blanket and watch with me, or if you’ve any thoughts then jot them down and send them to me!

Now before I do start, I should probably say that for anyone who hasn’t seen Home Alone, this will contain spoilers. If you haven’t watched Home Alone before, then either watch it before reading this post, or watch while reading this post. This is one of my all time favourites, and I was heartbroken when the UK Netflix decided to remove it.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s press play!


Eeeeek that music! It’s just such a feel good film!

I forgot the titles looked like this… and it’s not even that long since I last watched it… and why is the last “e” small?

That house is literally my goals for when I have a house.

And why does no one react to a police man standing in the hall? Stupid…..

Why does Kevin’s mum not want him on the bed? It’s not like she’s getting any further with her packing while she’s on the phone anyway… and who leaves packing until the night before either?

Bad parenting right there…. night before and their youngest child doesn’t have a case sorted? Nah.

Haha I would love to live in a fancy orphanage if it was like that!
And why are the siblings and cousins so mean to Kevin? I don’t even know who belongs to who.

Haha Kevin living alone isn’t always as great as it seems… you actually have to clean up after yourself.

Buzz is a bit of a perv, am I right? How old is he anyway?

If an old man was salting the pavements around my area I would be ashamed that I didn’t have my kids out there doing it instead. Just saying. And since when did salt turn bodies into mummies? Stupid Buzz.

Poor old man…

Yay pizza time! Damn it now I want pizza… Someone want to send me a Dominos delivery?

Why are the kids just staring at the policeman?

And how did they get so many pizzas for only $122.50??

FINALLY! Someone’s paying attention to the policeman in the hall. 1990 must’ve been a lot more relaxed. Why would you broadcast to anyone what security measures you’ve taken? Like fair enough he thinks he’s a policeman but still… and Kevin’s reaction to pizza is totally me. I wonder if I can afford a dominos tonight…

Okay this part is so unfair. Buzz pretends to throw up on Kevin after eating the only pizza Kevin eats, and Kevin’s the one who gets in trouble for what was a complete accident? Nah. No need to cry over spilt milk. And Uncle Frank is just a bully. No thank you. Like I get that the parents are mad, but it was an accident, and calling a child a jerk or a disease just is not cool. How old is Kevin anyway?

Why were they sitting down to eat without paying the poor guy? Rude. And love how they “hope” to leave tomorrow morning.

How can she not fall for that cute little face saying sorry.

Ouch… poor Kevin’s mum… I don’t think I could cope if my child ever said that to me.

Okay bad Kevin. Shoes on the bed? No.

Why is the wind being so creepy? It’s just wind…

I want the parents’ bed. It would be so cool!

Why’s this kid coming over to talk? Why is he talking to strangers? And why’s he asking about gas milage? What kid cares about that stuff?

At least someone finally called Buzz a moron…

I don’t like Frank.

Yay for Christmas music! I’ve always wanted to do the “running through the airport” thing, but it also terrifies me… I couldn’t be as last minute as that.

Wait no assigned seating? When did that happen?

And who leaves kids to travel alone? What’re the health and safety rules on that?

haha hello Kevin… loving the bedhead look.

How did the house get tidy so quickly after the mayhem of getting everyone out?

Now he’s noticed something’s wrong… now…

Right so their kitchen is immaculate but the bedrooms aren’t? Don’t believe it.

If I had a basement you can bet I’d make it into a cool den!

This part annoys me. Surely Kevin was told they were getting taxis to the airport? Stupid kid. And he’s too happy about making his family disappear… that’s kinda scary how pleased he is. Then again, they’re mean to him.

Haha cue the things we all wanted to do as kids!

Right, Buzz is definitely too young to have those magazines. Far too young. No. And why does he have a gun mounted on his wall??

I might have to look up Angels With Filthy Souls, just because I’m tempted to see the rest of the film. Haha I want that dinner…

And that’s overkill for ya… The BAU would love that…

How does she get from garage to Kevin?

Now this looks so fun! Need to do that some time… preferably when we get a decent amount of snow…

How can they forget a child? I agree, you’re a bad mother. And how the heck do reading glasses compare to leaving a child? Shut up Frank.

And look who it is… See, if you’re using timers you should stagger them so it looks like you’re walking around turning them all on. Even if it’s only a few seconds between them. Looks more believable.

I’ve never seen the cartoon Grinch film… might have to change that this weekend…

I love how Kevin runs and turns on the lights. I’d be hiding as soon as possible! Ah, there we go…

So stupid… and who goes on holiday with coins? Ask at the desk to call the US Embassy or something.

Kevin does a lot of screaming in this film…. And the poor old man…. but those poinsettia look lovely.

This police department is rubbish. If they’d listen to her then they’d hopefully behave better but I wouldn’t hold out hope. Do answering machines work when phones are down? Who knows.

Rubbish police department take 2… of course a child home alone is going to be scared of going to answer the door. And the fact they don’t believe her is ridiculous.

Why not book the flights and try to get on an earlier flight? I wanna fly on a standby seat sometime…

Idiots… this is why you need to have multiple to do lists before you go away.

Who is Kevin even talking to? And I don’t blame him for screaming at the aftershave… when we were in Ibiza, I shaved my neck and then sprayed perfume on my skin and it stung like mad.

Question. Why doesn’t he drag over a chair to climb up to the shelves? I know the plot needs the spider to be released but still… That spider is creepy.

How cute is little Kevin? And why if the Murphys went to Florida are all their presents under the tree?

Ah the toothbrush… such a silly thing. Just lie to the kid, he won’t know. And the poor old man again. Although, he does look kinda creepy, plus he never speaks.

I want to go ice skating like that some day… and poor Kevin lives so far out. All this trouble just for a toothbrush.

How does he not hear the van??
Oooooooh…. it’s clicking with him!
And why do they need to drive to see where he goes? I thought the Murphys lived across the street? Because it’s hard to not be obvious about following someone when you’re the only car/van on the street. Love that the criminals are afraid of the church though, just fitting the stereotype.

How does he know they’ll be back?

I want to have a big Christmas party like that… Who wants to come round for it?

Deck the halls with boughs of ho-o-olly….. I’m totally not singing along!

Haha it’s funny watching It’s A Wonderful Life in French when you can quote the part they’re watching. Again, we have Frank being a jerk. And why can’t Peter’s brother make the phone call? I’m assuming he can speak French if he lives there? Once again, Buzz is a jerk. How can he not worry?

PIZZA TIME AGAIN! And apparently my bank account says no to pizza, even if it is Two for Tuesday…

Love how this kid doesn’t go to the police about someone shooting at him. I mean surely he would pass that on to his boss or someone at least?

Music makes me happy in this film.

Yay for an adult who is actually questioning what’s going on in this film!

Poor Marv, always being picked on. And at least he’s thick enough to believe the TV is happening in real life inside the house.

For goodness’ sake… you’d think it was everyone else’s fault she left her child behind…. but at least we now know Kevin is 8!

I love Gus, he just thinks she should know who he is. But yay! Christmas Spirit! Helping Strangers! I’m feeling that warm feeling associated with Christmas.

Haha I love little Kevin cutting his own kid’s sized tree. And I am super jealous of his decorations! I want multicoloured lights on my tree… maybe I need a second tree… that sounds like a good idea.

How do they know he’s home alone? And Harry should listen to Marv… Poor Kevin’s scared.

Do do do do doooo do do do do. I miss playing the piano at Christmas, it’s so much more fun playing festive songs.

Awww Kevin’s gone to see Santa. I want to go see Santa… Jordanne can we take Leon to see Santa please? Oh and don’t talk to me about parking tickets… And this guy doesn’t even look like Santa. Plus there should be a rule against smoking in the Santa suit. Surely that’s a fire hazard? Aw I love Lime Tic Tacs! I want some now…

Now I know it’s a family film and we shouldn’t overthink it but why doesn’t Kevin ask one of these families for help?
Side note: I love this song.

Yay! I love churches at Christmas. One of the few times I love churches. Especially old ones with stained glass windows. And now I want to go to a carol service… anyone know of any near me this weekend?

Yay old man turns out to be nice now! Merry Christmas Mr. I find his story with his son so sad. Christmas is time for families. This bit is just too cute. I get you Kevin, I totally get you. Families are complicated. This is just the cutest part of the film. I love this. It’s just so cute. Little 8 year old Kevin giving life advice to an old man.

Hahaha I remember the years when you only wanted presents instead of money… this year any money is greatly appreciated!
And yay carol of the bells is on! It’s like Home Alone’s theme song even though it isn’t. I am sooooo ready for what comes next! Anyone else feeling ready to take on The Wet Bandits?

I’m still jealous of that house and its decorations…

Haha death trap planning is underway! What sort of family keeps tar in their basement anyway? Like I’m fascinated by the amount of things Kevin can find.

That house is just goals… no other word for it.

Kids really aren’t that stupid… like I know some are, but this one  thinks he’s alone in the world… they should be careful…

Haha here we go… Poor Harry. Probably won’t ever have kids now… Idiot. Who sticks his head through a cat flap anyway? Do the McAllisters even have a cat or dog?

Haha watch your step….. believe it or not I actually feel sorry for Harry and Marv from this point on. This child is evil incarnate… Like I can’t even watch what happens to Harry when he finally makes it to the top of the steps. And as for Marv, if the door’s left open then surely it’s a trap. Idiot. And he definitely has enough time to step to the side. Yup cringing at the steps now…. sends shivers down my spine!

Oh no…. not the bare feet and tar…. here comes the nail……. *hides behind hands*

Ouch…. blowtorch to the head… noooooo….. okay yeah I take it back, I definitely feel sorry for these guys right about now. I want to hide. Don’t go through the open window…. it’s an obvious trap…

Like would you not have given up robbing the place by now if you were them? The whole point was they thought Kevin would be scared of them and unprepared…

Idiots… Like he is clearly taunting them. Run away. Ouch… paint to the face…

Oh no… oh dear god no… not the spider… I can’t watch the spider… Like why is his mouth open?!?!?! The spider could crawl INSIDE his mouth!

Go Kevin go!

You know that could kill him… enough force to the chest…

Come on Kevin, go! Although not going to lie you would never get me doing that. Too high.

Love that they doubt he’ll call the police. Although this is before mobiles were popular…

I agree Marv, don’t do heights.

How is that rope strong enough to hold both of them anyway?

Thank goodness the old man grits the paths, otherwise Kevin would definitely be slipping on black ice.

Oh I forgot they were flooding the house.

Whoops… okay so rather than escaping the two of them are going to hurt him? Nah… And how did the man know to go in there?

Haha anyone else think prison is safer than trying to battle Kevin again?

I love the music in this part. Like, you think the film is over, even though you know it can’t be.

That’s just too cute. Kevin leaving stuff out for Santa. Makes me sad. Can I leave stuff out for Santa?

Eugh forgot about this part. I know she needs to get home and this is how she does it, but we don’t need to see this part.

Awwww this part is heartbreaking! Would almost make you not believe in Santa. Poor Kevin…

YAY!!!! I always cry at this part. Every flipping time. It’s just too cute. Yup. I’m crying. I just want to hug them both.

AND THE FAMILY IS REUNITED!!!!! Yay! Best Christmas ever! Merry Christmas everyone! I just wanna go hug them all.

Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!! I forgot about seeing the old man out the window!

That was such a good film!


If you made it this far, congratulations! Thank you! Hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to tomorrow’s!


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