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Home again home again

Hello once more! I write to you now from the desk in the corner of my bedroom as I wait for my antivirus software to install on my laptop. Always remember something to put off going to bed.

Having been home for a few days, I’m now refreshed and ready to get back to Glasgow. With only 6 weeks left of lectures (where does time go??) I have a load of work I’ve been avoiding by being home. Not that I’ve slacked off!


We have a physics report due on Wednesday that we work in pairs for. Unfortunately, my partner doesn’t seem keen on replying to my emails and messages asking for her input so if we get a bad mark she can’t blame me. There’s also a physics test on Friday. I’m considering how much revision I need to do.

Tomorrow I don’t think I’ll make it to Irish dancing due to this report and shopping and everything else that needs done. Kind of sad because I’ve actually been enjoying going!

Maisie, the kitten, is very cute but also very picky on when she’ll bother with you. After ignoring us the majority of today, she of course chose bedtime to want to play. Here she is!

Maisie, our cat. Almost like a tabby, but with a white chest and white socks.
Meet Maisie


Baron seems to like her but she’s terrified of him. Speaking of Baron, he’s gradually getting better. Still not 100% but he is getting there! The difference between Christmas and now is brilliant.

I’ve got an old episode of Lewis on while I’m waiting to finish up packing. Takes so much time and hassle! Not sure if everything will fit in the bag, thankfully easyjet don’t weigh hand luggage. Don’t think I’d be allowed on.

The plan of attack for tomorrow is to get back to the flat before heading to Fundamentals of Education then physics. However that was when I planned on going to the library with my lab partner. That’s not happening unless she actually communicates with me. So I’ll let you know how that goes.
Good night!

Ktkinnes xx


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