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Holiday pamper vs 24

Well today was a little different to how I’d planned it really – the plan was to finish packing for going away on holiday, get my holiday money sorted, have everything neatly organised and finish with a bit of pool prepping. This post contains affiliate links.

First thing to ask is why do they make hair removal creams smell so bad? I tried to book an appointment at the beauticians but unfortunately they don’t seem to want any customers as the phone was never answered so I gave up. Beginning to think, I decided why should I pay someone over the odds to inflict pain on myself when there are so many products on the market? And that was when I decided to try Veet [AFF]. Now a few of my friends swear by it and I must say it’s been great as a pain free hair removal treatment that saved the bother of shaving but the smell. After 4 showers and a bottle of shower gel, it is still the only thing I can smell. Feel free to let me know if you know of any that aren’t as bad!

So after my pampering session there was a mad rush to get into work for a few hours. It was nice and quiet for a change, unfortunately that meant there weren’t as many customers to laugh with though. But I came home and settled down to two more episodes of 24 – season 1 episodes 7 and 8 for anyone who’s seen them. Without spoiling it, oh my word I did not see that coming! I mean the whole breakfast thing wasn’t unexpected as there couldn’t have been anything too much for only 8am, there are still another 15 hours left to go through. But her? That I did not expect! Brilliant acting again I must say. And as for Penny Johnson Jerald, I didn’t expect her character to be the way she is either. I love her in Castle, excellent show but I’ll talk about that some other time.

So all in all, I may not have finished getting ready for my holiday but 24 was definitely worth the set back! Watch the trailer for season 1 here .

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