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Hello August Life With Ktkinnes
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Happy Wednesday everyone, and welcome to August here on Life With Ktkinnes! I have so much planned for this month, and I’m so excited to share it all with you. Hopefully August 2018 will be a little better than last year! How are we all today? Is anyone else super excited to see what the next month brings us?

I, for one, am very excited. And it helps that I’m sitting writing this in my Mamma Mia Here We Go Again buzz. Yeah, we won’t pretend I’ve written this this morning. Going to bed last night I realised I hadn’t written it yet. So my Mamma Mia playlist is running, oh and I loved last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. But yes, I am in a fantastic mood as we say goodbye to July and hello August 2018!

Before we look at all the exciting things coming up in August 2018, I do want to take a look back at July. But before I can even do that, we have a winner to announce from last month’s giveaway! I’m so sorry, I am so disorganised that I kind of forgot to draw it yesterday morning, so I did it last night while writing this post. I am delighted to say that the winner is Steph from Juniperdaze.com! I’ll be tweeting this out after this post goes live, and as the rules said, Steph has 12 hours to get in touch before I draw another name. Thank you to everyone who entered!


July 2018

July was a busy enough month, even if it didn’t quite seem it! The 2nd saw us out for lunch for my Granny’s birthday. My week improved when on the 3rd  I finally got speaking to Jordanne on FaceTime! I left work in a fantastic mood on Thursday (5th), and was looking forward to the rest of the evening in Belfast at the Lunn’s event. So moving on to Friday (6th), we were in a great mood in the office. The 3:59 club rule was implemented, and I got home to have a brief snack before getting ready for my first work night out. Rachel came home on the 11th, back from uni for her 10 days of summer holiday. We watched the end of the tennis, had Chinese takeaway for dinner, and enjoyed the start of my summer holiday – a full 3 days off work. On the 12th, we took the morning around the house, and headed down to Newcastle for a while. There’s an old road that was covered by a dam for ages, but the good weather dried it up and the road reappeared – read more about it here. Friday afternoon was spent walking around the Titanic Quarter of Belfast just to see what’s around there. Due to the great weather on Saturday, we had a day around the garden, when I sat and read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie while the others watched Wimbledon on the TV in the garden. Saturday was finished off with dinner in The Hillside in Hillsborough, and music in the back garden. The following Monday (the 16th) I finally got my new car! We went for a family walk that afternoon, had dinner out, and then went to the local cinema to see the latest Omniplex Secret Screening. Tuesday saw me back in the office, but that night Rachel and I took our granny out for a belated birthday dinner. We had a lovely meal, took Granny home, and then Rachel and I went for a run. Think that was the first time I’d been running since 2010, but hey it was a start! Saturday morning dawned quickly, and Dad and Rachel headed off for Edinburgh. Mum wasn’t feeling great, so while she watched the golf I got to re-start watching Game of Thrones. I haven’t stopped Suits, but it was nice to try a different show. After dinner we had a little bit of catch up TV and headed to bed for an early night. Sunday came around, and Mum and I met her friends for a walk and some breakfast. It was a lovely walk and a good start to the day, so we didn’t feel too guilty when we watched TV the rest of the day… even if the cat was heavily judging us! To be honest, nothing exciting happened again until yesterday – I got to see Mamma Mia 2! Would anyone be interested in a review?

Wow, July was busier than I remember… no wonder my bank balance isn’t the happiest… ah well, onwards and upwards!

August 2018

Well you’ve probably read all that and are wondering how on earth August 2018 can top last month. To be honest I don’t blame you! Except next Friday I’m going to see George Ezra in concert, and we’re going to see the Christopher Robin film when it comes out. Apart from that, we’ll see where the month takes us.

I have struggled a little at even remembering my goals for the month, so will we take a look at the ones I set for last month?

July 2018 Goals

  1. Read 1 book.
    I did this! I read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, and my review is linked above!
  2. Blog once a week.
    I also managed this! Have we finally found the blogging routine that works while I’m working? I hope so, but let’s not jinx it.
  3. Save money for going on holiday.
    Yeah this one didn’t happen. Well, I suppose it did to an extent. I’ve got into a habit of transferring money every Friday into savings and I keep forgetting they exist… I may look into what I have saved!
  4. Interact more with other people’s Instagrams.
    I think I managed this? I don’t know…

Actually those weren’t as bad as I expected! Now just to think of some goals for August…

August 2018 Goals

  1. Read 1 book (again) – I have to get back on track eventually!
  2. Stick to my new-found blogging schedule.
  3. Lose a little more weight before my holiday. I won’t set an amount, but just lose some.
  4. Catch up with Game of Thrones. You’ll see in my next post just how far on I am in it…

Well I actually quite like those goals! What are your goals for the month? Do you have any that we can help with? Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Hello August

  1. Merrell-Ann

    Loved this post, made me chuckle in parts lol! Keeping up with posting weekly on the blog is one of my goals as well. I got tired just reading about all the things you did in July! What an Acton packed month you’ve had! Wishing you all the best with your goals! You’ve got this!

  2. multipotentialitethoughtswriter

    Congratulations on reaching most of your July goals! As for saving money – there’s always this month. Happy August, may you reach all your goals xx

  3. thoughtsfromjasmine

    How good was Mamma Mia Here We go Again?! I absolutely loved it! And I also want to see the Christopher Robin movie, although I don’t know when I’ll see it. I had no real interest until I saw the trailer before Mamma Mia and realised how cute it looked. Good luck with all your August goals, I hope you acheive them!

    Jas xx

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