Hello Again!

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Hello once again! I apologise for the complete lack of posts this year and what a year it has been! Currently getting ready for work and decided to update you all. First year uni was great! Met some amazing people, discovered that 2 bottles of wine in one night leads to a serious hangover and realised that I really want to be a teacher.

People say you can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends, but my new friends have become my family (cliché I know) with me as Mother apparently. Don’t know how they came to that conclusion. They in turn introduced more people to the group and while I know we won’t all keep in touch, we now have a wide range of people to fall back on in an emergency or if you need to talk.

The two bottles of wine in one night weren’t the only drinks that particular party… An 18th birthday party went slightly crazy and it was fantastic. Should’ve known it was going to be when I was half way through the bottle before the party even started. Suffice to say, before we made it out to the club I had downed 2 bottles of white wine, 3 shots of whiskey, 7 shots of vodka and a few rum and cokes. Falling in the club and wrecking my ankle lead to more drinking – alcohol counts as a painkiller, right? – and showing up to an exam the next day still drunk. Definitely going to be a night I remember!

To round off the first year, I did 7 days of work experience in my old primary school and loved every minute of it. It was strange seeing all my old teachers and being called by my surname by children only 8 years younger than me. Can’t wait to get my degree and get to work!

But now I’m running late so had better go, just thought I’d update you and say hello again after disappearing again for a while!

Also, 24 is the best show in the world!

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