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Apologies for disappearing and not  posting as frequently over the last few days, the weather has been glorious and there’s been a lot happening! But I’ll fill you all in on that in tomorrow’s Sunday Review. Tonight I thought I’d share a quote of the day from

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

– Epictetus          

Now tonight I was coming on here to share another few facts about me, for those of you who enjoy trivial information – if ever I’m famous, these could win you quizzes! But this quote made me think about something I read somewhere recently. Don’t ask me where though as I honestly can’t remember! 

I always feel like I’m rambling away and not always giving you what you might actually be interested in. So what would you like to read about? Is there something I did once or twice and then never repeated that you would like to see repeated? 

Please please let me know! You can comment below, let me know on Twitter (@kvburton657) or send me an email! Not sure if it appears anywhere on here so if you’d prefer to email feel free to contact me at
Hope you’re all well!
Ktkinnes xx

Hopefully you don’t feel like this! (Facebook gif)

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