Baron the Golden Cocker Spaniel in the foreground, with me in the background blurred out.
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Firstly, I really have to apologise for disappearing and not doing half of what I promised in December. However it is a new year and, as tradition states, it’s a chance for each and every one of us to try and improve ourselves in whatever ways we want. So before I go any further, let me just say Happy New Year!

December was busy enough. Between decorating for Christmas and then the Christmas dinner, I somehow found the time to revise for 3 exams and write a 2500 word essay in 48 hours – quite an accomplishment if you ask me! After the exams ended I took a few days to ‘recover’ (ie trying to catch up on sleep) before we went to Dundee for Christmas. Overall Christmas was a great affair. We arrived home and waited until the next day to collect Baron from the kennels, only to find him extremely unwell and unlikely to see the New Year – cue the tears. However, he slowly improved and, while he is by no means better, we are slowly seeing improvements in the 14 and a half year old! To end the year, we were celebrating with my granny and her sister’s extended family and once again drink was flowing.

Baron the Golden Cocker Spaniel in the foreground, with me in the background blurred out. Used in New Year post.

Now during all this, I didn’t do too well with the goals for the month. I started to read The Girl On The Train but haven’t made it past the 3rd chapter so far. On the other hand, I did at least go to the gym and continue Irish Dancing until the end of the semester – one point to me! As I said in my December goals, I won’t know how badly the exams went until we get the results but fingers crossed they won’t kick me out yet. Finally, as you are well aware, my thought for the day advent posts failed miserably… Maybe this year I’ll be better?

New Year Goals 2016

Now as this is the beginning of the year, I want to lay out my Goals for the Year before I cover my Goals for the Month. So here goes the overall goal list:

  1. Send myself an email to a new account each day recording something positive or happy about the day. Then, this time next year I will be able to sit and look back on everything good that happened, even if there are some less pleasant memories.
  2. Become happy within myself. Whether through weight loss or whatever else it may be, I want to be happy in myself.
  3. Be open. Now while my friends would agree that I wear my emotions on my sleeve, this past year I found myself falling for someone who quite possibly liked me back. However neither of us had the courage to say or do anything about it and she moved away without me ever talking to her about it. Still haven’t and yet we talk at least once a week…

January 2016 Goals

So I think those three rules are safe enough to consider. Now for Goals for the Month:

  • Read one book from my to be read list
  • Cut down on spending in uni and try to save some money.
  • Keep up with work where possible – don’t waste your Thursdays off!
  • Sleep for at least 7 hours a night.
  • Return to Irish Dancing and try to maintain a gym routine each week.

Hopefully these are achievable! It really can’t be that difficult if it’s something I actually want to do.

Goodnight everyone! May 2016 bring you the best of luck and I look forward to reading your posts over the upcoming months.

Happy New Year!


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