Happy Birthday To Me

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Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, happy birthday happy birthday… happy birthday to me!

Have I mentioned that it’s my birthday today? I’ve woken up in the glorious sunshine of Ibiza, it’s looking to be a wonderful day, except for thunder storms later, and I swear I will be trying to drink as many cocktails at any possible time. What’s the point in being on holiday for your birthday if you can’t ignore it?

So while there isn’t a lot I can update you on for this holiday so far (I want to share it in one post with you) I did want to call by.

We’ve now been on the island 2 full days, but 3 nights. Today, the plan is to have a nice breakfast here in the apartment, maybe have an hour or so by the pool, and then we’ll see what’s happening with the rest of the day. I would quite like to go for a nice dinner tonight, and maybe go for a few drinks with friends later, and who knows where the day will take us.

I’m hoping to phone or FaceTime Rachel in a while, since she’s back in the UK.

Some of you may remember my birthday from last year. I was living alone in Scotland, had lunch with Jordanne, and then went to see Blood Brothers – you can check out my review of it here! So back last year when I thought I was having the best birthday ever, I never expected to be spending my birthday the following year in the 30 degree heat of Ibiza. Although, I suppose 2017 saw me leaving the next day to go to Disneyland Paris… which I guess comes an incredibly close second…. but yes. No. Ibiza wins.

So my birthday is already passing by, I’m 23, and I never achieved even half of my list. Will we have a look back at the list of 23 Before I’m 23?

  1. Reach my goal weight. I know exactly what it is, and I am currently 23.3lbs away from this. To be honest, 5lbs a month should definitely be achievable.
    This hasn’t quite happened, but I’m still on track and not far off it. February 2019 is my estimated month to get to the goal weight. Although the way I’ve eaten and drank the last few days…
  2. Read Far From The Madding Crowd. I asked for it for my 22nd birthday and I am not going to turn 23 without reading it.
    Ummm…. Yeah…. I didn’t get reading it. I was going to bring it on holiday, but I was terrified the heat and the sun would ruin the spine and make the pages fall out.
  3. Take a trip to Glasgow and catch up with my friends.
    I made it to Glasgow! Okay, I only got seeing Jason and Yannick, but I had a great night in Glasgow. Plus, there’s always plenty of time to go see them all!
  4. Get rid of all the old clothes in my wardrobe that are either too big, too old, or I plain just don’t wear anymore.
    I’ve achieved half of this! I’m slowly going through all the clothes, and I’m putting them into charity bags to actually give someone the chance to get use out of them.
  5. Burn through half of my candle drawer without buying anymore. Including all my tealights, I currently have just under 150 candles. And that’s not including my wax melts. Note: when originally writing this post, I wrote that as max welts whoops…
    Umm…. yeah this one didn’t go to plan… I bought more candles… and more melts… but they smell incredible! I have zero regrets. And it’s now time to buy autumnal scents!
  6. Watch the Marvel films in the chronological order of the universe they’re set in. I don’t know why, but I do want to do this.
    Hmmm… Yeah no this one never happened. Not overly fussed about it to be honest!
  7. Meet up with some NI/Belfast Bloggers
    I’ve been to a few more NI Blogger Brunches, and a couple of event type things, but I haven’t met anyone outside of them yet.
  8. Get to the top of Slieve Donard. It sounds daft, but I kind of feel I should accomplish this at least once in my life.
    Yeah no this one also didn’t happen. Doubt it ever will to be honest!
  9. Reach 600 blog followers, 9150 Twitter followers, and 925 Instagram followers. If I can achieve this then I’ll be well on my way to my 2018 goals!
    Well, as of this morning I was on 596 blog followers, 8640 Twitter followers, and 1147 Instagram followers! So I’m not far off the blog goal, and have surpassed the instagram goal!
  10. Clear out my makeup and nail polishes!
    Yup! Did this one! It felt so good to finally get through them all! Who knew I had so many nail polishes that I never even used?
  11. Learn 4 songs on the guitar.
    Ha…. nope. I’m going to have to either sell the guitar or actually make an effort to achieve this.
  12. Teach myself basic Spanish.
    I can say hello, goodbye, thank you, ask someone how they are, and order a beer… can we count that as enough?
  13. Spend a month wearing contact lenses.
    Wow did I actually consider this? Nah, I never achieved this. Although I am curious to see if I could… maybe a 2019 goal?
  14. Find a hair style or colour or whatever that I am genuinely happy with.
    Yay! This one has been achieved! I’ve found a hairdresser who fully understands what I’m looking for, and I can’t wait to get back from this holiday and get my colour done again.
  15. Clear down my phone from all the apps I never use.
    Done. My phone is clean! Best feeling ever. Decluttering my phone was so freeing!
  16. Buy and fill a photo album with memories from the last few years. Technology doesn’t last forever!
    Well, I have a couple of photo albums half filled, and photos ready to go into a new one.
  17. Have a cleanse of my Facebook friends and liked pages.
  18. Unsubscribe from all the emailing lists I am no longer interested in.
    Yeah no this one was definitely going to take too long. Sorry, not going to happen.
  19. See a(nother) musical on stage.
    Umm…. no. But I’ve managed to see several musical films!
  20. See the Northern Lights here in Northern Ireland
    Why is my home country so cloudy?? I’m going to do this eventually, just not this year.
  21. Watch a silent film
    Nope…. whoops
  22. Complete an online/distance learning course in something I’m interested it.
    Well, I haven’t completed one, but I have applied for an Open Degree from the Open University! The course is due to start 6th October, and I’m looking forward to working my way through it!
  23. Write that short story I’ve been thinking about for as long as I can remember.
    Nope. I just don’t have the inspiration at the minute to write it.

That’s actually not so bad! I managed to achieve 8 out of the 23. I think I might have to make a list of 24 things before I turn 24, or 30 before I turn 30! But anyway, enough rambling. I’m going to go get some breakfast and enjoy my day. Have a fab Sunday everyone!


  • Holly

    Happy Birthday my beaut. I’m so glad you got the sun on your special day of the year. Well done for achieving the 8 goals you did. 8 is better than none xxxxx

  • Emma

    Happy Birthday and glad you are on holiday for it. I saw Blood Brothers when they were on tour fantastic musical. I wish I was 23!!!

  • Kim

    Happy Belated Birthday! It’s OK not to have accomplished everything on your list, I think we put too much pressure on ourselves. Be proud of the things you did and have achieved so far.

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