Halfway Through 2018

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That was scary to type that title, I’m not going to lie… Hello again though! How are we all today? It’s the 12th of July, I’ve a day off work, actually I have several days off work, and I am looking forward to sharing this post with you today, How are we already halfway through 2018?! Also, just a quick word of thanks to everyone who has contacted me about guest posting – I’m slowly trying to work through it all and will get back to you with posting dates soon. If you aren’t looking to guest post with me, keep an eye out for the great work I’ll be showcasing over the next few weeks and/or months. 

But yes, here we are at my Halfway Through 2018 post. It seems like 2018 actually only started a week or so ago, so it genuinely scares and excites me that we are less than 6 months away from Christmas, Blogmas, and the start of a new year. And yes I’m throwing blogmas in there too because while I know I’ve been awful at maintaining my posting schedule this year, I will once again be attempting blogmas.

The halfway point between the start of 2018 and this halfway through 2018 post was marked by my 2018 So Far post which you can check out by clicking on the link above. I highly recommend it if you want to see my progress through my goals so far, and see what I got up to at the start of the year.

April was busy enough to be honest. Rachel was home at the very start of April for Easter, and so we certainly made the most of the Easter weekend. Good Friday saw us head up to the north coast for a lovely day out. We did some shopping in Coleraine, had a picnic in Port Ballantrae, went for a bit of a walk in Portrush, and finished our day at Neptune and Prawn – our new favourite place to eat up north! Saturday then we went on a pub crawl around Belfast, finishing with dinner in a tapas restaurant, and it really would be safe to say that a good day was had all round. Easter Sunday saw me doing some computer work and Rachel revising, but when the afternoon came around we decided to say stuff it and have a cocktail making afternoon. Needless to say, we all tried many different drinks, and we need another cocktail afternoon soon! The rest of the holiday passed, and soon Rachel headed back to Edinburgh. A couple of weeks later, I went to my first ever Ulster rugby match and we basked in the sun – making the win even more enjoyable! Another week of work passed, and then Mum and I went to see Abigail’s Party in the Belfast Mac. It was a brilliant show, and I would seriously recommend you watch it if you ever get the chance!

May then started with Mum visiting Rachel in Edinburgh, and Dad and I had a weekend of getting little bits and pieces done. We went to see Infinity War (oh my god I am still recovering from that film…), I got my hair done and started getting it back to what I actually want from it, Dad and I went looking at cars, and we had dinner at my aunt’s house. Sunday and Monday were then spent lounging in the sun. Ten days later, after working and having a great time, I went to see Lovers: Winners and Losers in The Lyric, Belfast, with my granny. But to finish off May… Well, the weekend of the royal wedding, Rachel was home again for a visit. We had a 1st birthday party to go to, and then the next day I was at the latest Northern Ireland Blogger Brunch! It was so much fun, and there were so many amazing bloggers there that I came home and immediately booked my place for the Christmas Blogger Brunch! So let me know below if you’re going to be at it, it would be great to see you there! The last full week was started with a lovely bank holiday weekend with barbecues, sun, sleep, and a good clear out of the garage and the attic.

June got off to a great start. New posts, a trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh, the hangover of a lifetime – yes I will admit that it was hangover, shh. That makes it what, 4 so far? I feel like I’m missing out… But the next week we were at a charity barbecue, and instead of learning from the previous week’s lesson, I had a good few bottles of wine, got up to duet with another woman, and the night ended with me drunkenly agreeing to join a community choir. Wild life I’m living, right? Another weekend came about and this time it was time to get stuff done. Out for dinner on the Friday night, I got up on Saturday morning. Before 12pm, I had changed my phone contract over into my own name and got an upgrade while I was at it. My eye appointment was booked, a hair appointment book, Dad’s Father’s Day present from Rachel collected from the Post Office, and I made up that night’s dinner of homemade cannelloni. Oh, and I watched Ireland play rugby. Then I spent the afternoon with my family. Then Father’s Day was spent having a bit of a clear out from the attic then we went out for dinner. Another weekend came about and while Saturday was spent enjoying the sunshine and beautiful scenery of the Northern Irish North Coast, Sunday was the fun day. A morning at the NI Blogger Brunch at Eddie Rockets on the Lisburn Road, followed by an afternoon in the garden. You may be aware that we just had a catch up that only covered the weekends. And that’s because work more or less takes up the week. After work, I get home, have dinner, and watch TV to unwind, all while going on and off the Bloggers Tribe twitter account and my own. As I mentioned, I joined a choir back at the beginning of the month. I’m actually going to it tonight. People may laugh at the idea of joining a choir, but it is fun. I haven’t made many friends there yet, but I’m chatting to people, I’m getting to sing and relax and do something just for the fun of it. Which really doesn’t seem to be happening a lot recently. And yes, I’m still going to Weight Watchers, but I know I won’t reach my goal any time soon. So I’m beginning to lose all motivation, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Now that we’re all caught up on the last 3 months, will we have a look at how my goals are going now we’re halfway through 2018?

2018 Goals


  1. Drink more water.
    Well I am drinking more water than I did last year, which is at least a step in the right direction, but I could be doing a lot better! I recently downlaoded the free Plant Nanny app – you grow plants as you log the water you’ve been drinking!
  2. Exercise at least once a week.
    Even if it’s just a walk, or making sure I reach my 10,000 steps at least once a week, then I think I can say yes to this so far!
  3. Lose 3½ stone in weight to reach my goal weight.
    I keep having small losses weeks, a week of maintaining, and even a week of a slight gain. But weight loss is never going to be super easy, and the key thing is I’m being healthy about it. I have reached a total loss of over 5 stone though, so I suppose it’s not a complete fail! Although last night’s takeaway will maybe have set me back a bit… ah well, it was tasty!
  4. Meditate or use my “Breathe” app daily.
    I have stopped using the app frequently, but I do make a point of even taking a minute each day to meditate briefly.
  5. Sleep 7 hours a night.
    Yup, there are one or two nights I haven’t managed to get the full 7 hours, but I have been sleeping a lot better this year than last year.


  1. Read 24 books
    Okay yeah this isn’t going to plan… so far I’m on 6 books. I need to work on this more! You can check on my latest reviews here.
  2. Create and work from a bullet journal.
    Well okay, this isn’t going too badly! I’m actually somewhat able to keep going with the bullet journal!
  3. Keep up old friendships
    I’m working on keeping this up as much as possible, honest!
  4. Find a hobby/class I enjoy.
    I’ve joined a choir! Does that count?
  5. Watch 52 films this year.
    I’ve actually lost track of how many films I’ve watched but I’m pretty sure I’m over halfway through 2018’s target.


  1. Reach 650 blog followers, 10,000 Twitter followers, and 1,000 Instagram followers.
    Okay so I know blogging isn’t all about the stats, but so far I have 560 blog followers, 8291 Twitter followers, and 1061 Instagram followers! I’m on track.
  2. Create and stick to a blogging schedule.
    Hahaha yup this failed. Can it work for the next three months?
  3. Work with more brands/companies/authors in the way of reviews and sponsored posts.
    I feel like I’ve managed this so far? At least, I’ve been getting more emails regarding collaborations!
  4. Figure out and grow my Pinterest.
    So my Pinterest account is growing, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet! Anyone any pointers?
  5. Go to blogger meet-ups and events.
    I’ve so far been to a few more events… need to look into this a little more!

How have your goals for the year been going?

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  • jane Frith

    That is really brave, sharing your goals and then doing a mid-term stock check! I read once that you were more likely to reach your goals if you wrote them down and even more likely if you then shared them. I tried it once and even now, years later, people ask me whether I have achieved that goal! And yes, I am being deliberately evasive!

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