Guest Post: How To Avoid Scams When Looking for Freebies Online*

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Okay I am so so sorry I haven’t posted this week… But I’m back today! And today’s post has been brought to you by Sam on behalf of , and is all about (you guessed it) how to avoid scams when looking for freebies online! Shall we have a look?

This guide outlines everything you need to know to avoid a rip off when looking for genuine freebies in 2018.


Although it may sound like a hoax to many, freebies still exist. Knowing just where to look, and when, can help you find awesome free stuff and never have to pay a penny to get them. Although most freebie websites in the UK are genuine, many of them are not. You, therefore, need to be extra careful when signing up for freebies on all sites. Here are a few tips how to avoid a rip-off.


  1. Read the fine print

There’s always a catch with every freebie. Some sites will require you to provide crucial personal information or make a purchase to get some of their free stuff. Reading the agreement/fine print first before signing up can save you lots of trouble in the future.


  1. Read reviews and testimonials

Research a little on the website, read reviews, testimonials, and comments on the company as well. Doing this should enable you to discern between a legit and a scam.


  1. Never provide payment info

You are always safer with companies that don’t request for payment info on your side. Some companies may require you to enter payment info to be able to try their products. Should you do, remember to cancel the subscription before payment is charged.


  1. Is it too good to be true?

If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam. While many companies give out free samples of their products (in small amounts), you never will get a free car or cash from such sites.


  1. Create a second email address

Although you can still use your primary email address to sign up for freebies, it is much safer having a second address for such. This helps reduce spam emails and unwanted calls. If need be, create a second social media account and a second phone number to be safe.


Best Sites for Free Stuff

  1. Offer Oasis

This is one of the legit freebie sites out there. As the name suggests, you will get samples ranging from magazines, beauty products, food, and many more. The best thing about is you will never find savage items on the site, but rather free samples only. This reduces the clutter you are most likely to find in many other freebie sites. One notable thing about the site is that you do not get samples from them, but rather get direct links to the samples, coupons and coupon codes from other legit sites. You also don’t have to do a survey to gain access to these items.


  1. HotUKDeals is another genuine site that gives you access to free samples every day. The site’s database is updated every 24 hours, which means getting a free sample is relatively easy. Although most samples are available for grab, you may be required to like Facebook pages and such to get coupons and some other free stuff.


Unlike most freebie sites, you aren’t required to fill out questionnaires to get any free stuff. If necessary, the polls do not ask for your identity or contact information. Never fill out your contact information on any questionnaires online just for free stuff.


  1. WOW Free Stuff

This is considered one of the best-designed freebie sites out there. The site also has several features that you most certainly won’t find on similar sites. The best thing about is you never have to sign up with them to get free things. All you need to do is fill out a survey, or join their mailing list to get free samples to your mailbox.


WOW Free Stuff  receives updates regularly, with the newest products displayed on the first page and category. Some of the items you can get on this site include kid’s samples, pets, personal care, and free food. Business owners and teachers can also get plenty of specific products on the site as well. You may however have to like a Facebook page to claim a coupon. This is entirely safe considering you do not need to provide personal info, payment details, or fill out questionnaires.


As indicated above, there’s always a catch with every freebie site. Using legit freebie sites can be more beneficial than what you have to give in return. Some of these will only request you to like their pages or share a link to get freebies to your mailbox.




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  • The diary of Ellie

    I love to look for free stuff but then i realise sometimes it isnt free at all or they spam up your email! I definitely will check out these websites!

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