Guest Post: Healthy Meals & Exercise VS Crash Diets

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As a little treat for you, today we have a guest post written by Michelle Hannan. Michelle wants to talk to you about things you need to go regarding the pros and cons of healthy meals and exercise, versus crash diets.

Losing weight has now become an obsession, THANKFULLY. This generation has been the target of obesity for many reasons, unhealthy lifestyle, need for fried food, foodie being the trend and much more. The previous generation and the generation before them were lucky in this concern. The food in their time was of such good quality that they have to worry less about the issues like obesity and diabetics.

We cannot change the ground reality that the population is increased and to meet the requirement of our food needs specific measures must be taken by the authorities that leads to unnatural choices. Or the fact that we have been so busy with our life that a healthy lifestyle seems to be a luxury.

While changing the ground reality is not an option, but there are things that we could to save us some long-term trouble. In the first place, try to live healthily and eat right but if you have been to some bad habits than try out the programs to lose weight.

One can lose weight in two ways, by healthy eating and exercising or by crash dieting. Both have their pros and cons, and they are listed below to give you a better understanding.


Healthy meals are so misunderstood. We think that eating healthy just mean to eat all the greens and that too in a tasteless way. But in reality, healthy eating can turn out to be delicious and tasteful, something that you can stick to for a long, long time. And healthy diet with an exercising regimen can only be categorized as the cherry on top!

Following are the pros of healthy eating and exercising that you must know about.

I. Improves sleep.

II. Reduces risks of diseases.

III. Improves your memory.

IV. Promotes health.

V. Makes you look younger.

VI. Increases your energy level.

VII. Improves mental health.

While healthy meals and exercising sounds like a perfect thing to do, it also has some drawbacks that are listed below.

I. Healthy eating may cost you more than usual, and few of us cannot afford that.

II. You can get injured, if you have not had professional guidance.

III. Exercising increases appetite, and that could lead to weight gain.

IV. Healthy eating is not something you just do; a balance is always something difficult to find.


Crash dieting is another way of losing way, but it is recommended to those who have to reduce their weight at a specific given time. Crash diets encourage starvation which experts do not approve. However, it is still considered to be an effective diet plan.

Following are the pros of having a crash diet.

I. It is affordable as you are not eating anything.

II. Gives immediate results.

III. As these diets are for a short time, you do not need to stick to it for long.

Enlisted are the cons of crash diet.

I. Crash diet makes you lose lean body mass instead of fat from your body.

II. You always feel hungry, and that leads to overeating later.

III. It makes you lack in nutrients and slows down your metabolic rate.

IV. It is hard to follow because of all the starvation.

V. Crash diet leads to starving and starving leads to craving junk food which ultimately leads to weight gain.

VI. Issues like ketosis, serum uric acid and gallstone can occur.

VII. You constantly feel tired, week and sleepy.

With the things listed above, I am leaving you to decide on your own that what form of diet is suitable for you considering your situation. I hope you make a best out of it!

Author bio: Michelle Hannan is a nutritionist, and she’s on a mission to give you all the information you need to lose weight successfully. She also blogs regularly at

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Healthy Meals & Exercise VS Crash Diets

  1. Bexa

    This is a really good post Michelle! 💖 There are so many negatives to crash dieting, it’s never sustainable. Healthy eating and exercise seems to be the best way that works for me. I agree, healthy eating can be delicious too! Thank you for sharing Katie 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  2. Graceful Glamour UK

    Great post my lovely! As someone with 2 Chronic Illnesses, my weight has been a problem for about 10 years. I suffer with Crohns which means there’s allot of healthy foods I can’t eat, and with my Fibromyalgia excercise is also difficult xx

  3. Charlotte

    To me, healthy eating and lifestyle will always trump a crash diet purely because I love my food and get crabby if I skip meals! I would love everyone to have the mentality of food as fuel rather than the enemy but I understand how difficult it is to get to that point for many.

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