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Giving Back at Christmas 2019

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Wow it’s actually the end of week 2 of blogmas, and here we are on day 15 already! I’m absolutely shattered after last night, but I’ll go more into that tomorrow hopefully – unless I collapse on the sofa this afternoon and in the end I’ll have to re-jig my entire planning for this month.  Sounds fun, right? Well, today’s post is all about how giving back at Christmas may be easier than you’d think this year.

So for today’s post, I wanted to talk to yo about a possible charity donation you can make at this time of year.  I know I know. Not everyone gives to charity.  And at this time of year the charities tend to do better – I think I read that somewhere… something about how the “spirit of Christmas” and the message of Christianity makes people more inclined to support those less fortunate than themselves.

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Donating is one way of giving back this Christmas

Thinking of Giving Back This Christmas?

Some of you may remember a few weeks back, Rachel wrote a guest post for me.  My darling little blister is studying midwifery at Edinburgh Napier, and as part of her final year has to do an “elective”.  When I asked her what this was, it’s essentially 4 or 5 weeks on placement anywhere other than her usual wards.  Now Rachel being Rachel, she decided back in first year that she wanted to go abroad for her elective.  We assumed somewhere like France or Spain – somewhere she knows the language, isn’t too far away, and somewhere that wouldn’t be all that different to the UK and the work she’s spent the last 3 years doing.  No.  That would’ve been too simple.  My delightful sister decided she was going to go to the Philippines.

These electives are entirely self funded.  Between flights, accommodation, food and everything else she would normally have to think of, Rachel also has to purchase the equipment and supplies she needs to take with her.  Not cheap, as many people working in the NHS or health sector would tell you! Rachel’s having to factor in costs for vaccinations, scrubs and personal protection equipment such as gloves and face masks which will be in short supply in the unit that she’ll be working in.

photo of medical professionals wearing personal protective equipment giving back
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Giving back in this way helps provide PPE for Rachel and other midwives

Without generalising or stereotyping, resources in this area are very short, and the maternity unit is hard pushed. Often there are up to four women and their babies sharing a bed at any given time, and there is often no time to clean labour beds after one woman gives birth before the next woman is close to delivering. Rachel will be working alongside the usual doctors and midwives, as well as in a clinic for young parents providing extra check ups and support to the teenagers and young expectant mothers who generally require more support.

The “How” Part of Giving Back…

Rachel has now been fundraising for a little over 2 months.  Any tips she gets working in the bar are going straight into the fundraising pot.  For her Christmas present, she’s asking friends and family to donate towards her elective.  She’s hosted a few fundraising events in Edinburgh, and on top of all that she’s just generally hoping word of mouth can help.

So as I started to say at the beginning of this post, a lot of people begin to look at giving back or helping the less fortunate at this time of year.  Now I understand the incentive behind looking out for those “closer to home”, I was hoping that one or two of you might find it in your hearts to either donate yourself through the JustGiving link below, or to help us spread the word.  Rachel goes in February, and at the time of writing this post she has raised around £600 out of the £2000 this is going to cost. Rachel will correct me if I’m wrong!

If you would like to donate, please feel free to do so here –>

I understand that Christmas is a busy and expensive time for many of us, which is why I completely understand that giving back at this time may not be feasible for many people.  If this is the case, can I ask you to please reblog this post, share her JustGiving link, and just help us spread the word to anyone and everyone?  We would both really appreciate it!

Thank you all for sticking with us to the end of the post.  Not your usual blogmas post, but I do appreciate you taking the time to read it.  I hope you all have a great Sunday, and that this week is good to you all. Speak again tomorrow!

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