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Girl Power – the 5 W’s!

Hello again everyone! I interrupt my newly organised schedule to bring you Girl Power – The 5 W’s!

Do you remember when we were in primary school and you were told to consider Who, What, Where, When and Why? Well this is basically those questions in regards to the amazing, inspirational girls I’ve been talking to for the last couple of days. Honestly, except for a few people, I can tell you right now that there are so few people I can be open and honest with easily but these girls really are the best. This leads me to:


Who? We started out in a DM on Twitter as a group of girls wanting to support each other and promote positivity in the blogging community. This soon developed into a brilliant idea of creating #GRLPOWR – a community filled with positivity, friendship and support. Without wanting to get cheesy, these girls are fantastic and I swear you couldn’t meet a more genuine, and gorgeous!, group of girls. Here’s the who’s who – make sure to check them out and give them a follow!

Jodie (@jodiedcmitchell) :

Lauren ( @loulabxlle ) :

Lauren (@iconiclaur) :

Meg (@itsmeegan ):

Toni ( @tonigeorgiaxo ):…

Lily (@lilydealxo ) :

Emily (@L1ttleEm ) :

Francesca (@bellamomentoX )

Nusha (@nushablog) :

Lily (@bloglilyrose ) :

Jade ( @jademillardx ) :

Ellie ( @laughingsugg ) :

Eloise ( @isthateloise ) :

Jordanne ( ofaglasgowgirl ) :

Mellisa (@LoveeMelissaX ) :

Cathy ( OvernightBelle ) :

Becca ( @beccaonblog ) :

Summer (@theblondecafe_ ) :

Hannah (@harteva_) :

Em (@EmLDunn ) :

Chanté ( @chantenna ) :

Ana (@anab184 ) :

Ashley (@ashmcc87 ) :

Em ( @ohfab ) :

Becca ( @beccaxjayne ) :…

Sarah (@SarahCxBlog ) :


What?  So now that you know who all is involved, you’re probably wondering what it is we actually do. I mean, it’s easy for me to say we try to spread positivity etc but how? What is it #GRLPOWR actually does? Well, we are hosting twitter chats, posting blog posts containing advice, self love tips, and the likes, as well as retweeting any blog posts tweeeted using the hashtag #GRLPOWR so remember to tag us next time you’re scheduling that post!


Where? Well, as I said, we’re predominantly on twitter, however you can find our blog at this address, or find us on twitter at @GRLPOWRCHAT! There’ll always be someone handy! Or we do have an email address but right now I can’t remember it… Any of you lovelies want to comment it below for me please?


When? Well… To be honest, we’re still firming this up – another reason to follow us on Twitter and take part in our polls before they close later tonight! The original plan was to host 2 chats weekly, each lasting 2 hours long, with 2 hosts and 2 topics. So I suppose you could argue that made it 4 chats a week… But I’ll update this when we know for sure what’s happening. In the mean time, why not tweet us at any stage and there’ll nearly always be someone around to talk to!


Why?  Because why not? You all know how much I don’t like coming home, and how I feel about my family, and these girls have given me that escape from this place at a time when an escape was definitely needed! Plus, you can never have too much positivity and support in your life.



So hopefully see you over there!


Ktkinnes xx


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