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Ghosts of Christmas Past

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As we approach Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I thought I’d take a look back at last year’s Christmas. Are you haunted by the ghosts of Christmas Past?


Last year was a good but strange Christmas. It was the first one here in Lisburn where we weren’t at least thinking about Dad’s uncle and what he was doing for Christmas. But the lead up was similar to usual. We got the house clean and tidy, Mum spent the morning trying to prepare for Christmas Day, and Rachel went off to work. We made our way to Belfast and into the rugby club for drinks and a chat, and I was more than happy to be designated driver for the afternoon.


Christmas Eve night saw us have some delicious homemade chowder, before sitting down to watch the TV as a family. When it came to time to go to the midnight service, I stayed home on granny-duty and to help host the GRLPOWR Christmas Countdown Chat. I didn’t get much chatting done on Twitter – Granny could talk the hind legs off a donkey! So instead we had a chat, and were only in bed about 5 minutes when everyone else arrived back from the midnight service. Eventually, we all climbed into our beds, and I reached that 5-year-old phase where I just can’t sleep. What can I say? I’m a child at heart!


So we woke up around 8:30ish on Christmas Day, and told everyone they had until 9am to be downstairs to open presents. Of course, Granny ran late so we started without her. We all opened our presents, then had good time trying to tidy and get all 5 of us through the shower. Four women all washing their hair and putting on makeup can take a considerable amount of time! So we all showered and started hair and makeup, taking a quick break for our brunch of scrambled egg, smoked salmon, and bagels.


Granny had a quick Skype call with our cousin who was taking a year out in China, while I continued to fight with my contact lenses and get my makeup done. We all piled into the car to go visit some family – Rachel was our designated driver for the day – and have some nibbles and a drink.


When we got home again, we had our Christmas dinner, and played some games. It was a quiet Christmas, but a good one nonetheless. Boxing Day we went to the races and Rachel went to her boyfriend’s house, and we had Mum’s aunt and uncle over for dinner.


This year will be slightly different, but in a good way. Times change, and we alter our day according to who’s there and who isn’t.


This’ll be the first Christmas since I turned 7 years old that we don’t have Baron in the mix of it all. So I do feel kind of strange about it all. But we adapt. We change. We learn. And when I have more money saved up then I am getting myself a puppy.


What did you get up to last Christmas?

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