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Awesome Gender Neutral Valentine’s Gifts 2022

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AD – Sponsored Link | Yes, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Now, I know myself that my Twitter timeline has been filled with “gift guides for her” and gift guides “for him”. But why limit yourself to just for him or her? There are some awesome gifts out there for everyone regardless of their gender identity, so today I wanted to share my gender neutral Valentine’s gifts with you.

And yes, before you say anything, still single and quite happy. My current plans for Valentine’s Day 2022 are to spend the day in work, then play guitar, have a nice dinner, and potentially an early night! However many of you will be scouring the internet over the next few days to find a different Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, regardless of their gender identity.

The email marketing has already started, as have the ones for “Galentine’s Day” – Sunday 13th February 2022 if you’re interested, and to be honest, they’re quite heteronormative and cisnormative. As I said before, everything is either for him or for her. But what about the man in your life who would love a set of nail clippers and a nail file or buffer? Or the woman desperate for her very own tool box that is not pink?

Fear not! There will be no sign of Pinterest-style jars of notes, or crafts that are going to take you a lifetime to make, in this gender neutral gift guide. Also, please note. If your plan is to gift yourself to your partner? Maybe not the most original of ideas. However, if that’s the plan then buy yourself some fancy lingerie for the occasion.

Gender Neutral Valentine’s Gifts for Anyone

Buying gender neutral Valentine’s gifts for anyone can be a bit daunting. Especially this year, as the world appears to be opening up again. The drive to buy online or make something small yourselves appears to have lessened, with couples holidays being more the choice of the year! However, fear not, because the below online gender neutral Valentine’s gifts are perfect for your partner.

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1. Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Camera

Want to make a point of taking more photos in 2021? Well, this Instant Print digital Camera from Kodak is the perfect gift for that special person in your life! Forget taking photos on your phone, where they’ll stay until technology fails us, and instead instantly print photos of yourselves and those moments you want to remember forever. Get you hands on the Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Camera today! Alternatively, have a look at the Kodak Smile Classic Digital Instant Camera with Bluetooth – a little bit more pricey, but worth it! Bluetooth connectivity and the KODAK CLASSIC 2-in-1 app make it easy to ‘capture it remember it’ (sorry, had to pop in a Taylor Swift reference for good measure) and edit your photos directly from your smartphone or similarly compatible mobile device.

Awesome Gender Neutral Valentine's Gifts 2022 Life With KtkinnesAwesome Gender Neutral Valentine's Gifts 2022 Life With Ktkinnes

2. Custom Paint By Numbers from Photo Kit

Why not gift that special someone a custom gift that no one else will have? The Painting By Numbers Shop has all different categories for painting by numbers sets. However, their secret weapon is their Custom Kit! Upload your own photo, or one that means something special to the two of you, and give a touching gender neutral Valentine’s gift in 2022. No previous painting skills are required, and the recipient will learn by doing it. Painting by numbers is a great hobby that develops creativity, decreases stress level, enhances concentration and it’s so much fun! Order your Custom Paint by Numbers Kits today and watch their smile light up the room with this thoughtful yet totally different gift!

Gender Neutral Valentine's Gifts of Custom Paint By Numbers Kit from Painting By Numbers Shop online. Woman painting a paint by numbers painting of herself.
Photo taken from Painting By Numbers Shop online

3. Their Own Domain Name

Chances are, if you’ve found this post, you and/or your significant other are bloggers. Maybe your partner has voiced that they want to go self hosted, or have been looking for that perfect theme for their site? Well, Kayleigh might be able to help you with her 8 WordPress Themes You Need To Check Out, but I’m here to suggest you buy them their own domain name with Bluehost! WordPress appear to have offers on at the moment, but Bluehost gives you the freedom and security with a domain. Purchase one today for a completely gender neutral Valentine’s gift, and watch their creativity flow as they make use of the domain name.

computer desk hand laptop to suggest buying a domain name for gender neutral Valentine's gifts
Photo by Burst on

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Now you can give these as safe gender neutral Valentine’s gifts to help your partner sleep better, work from home without distraction, or for something a little more along the lines of 50 Shades of Grey if you want to, but I love my headphones for helping me sleep when the rooster next door starts up at 4am! These Noise Cancelling Headphones, available from Amazon, look great! Of course, you can go for higher end ones at a heftier price tag, but these gender neutral Valentine’s gifts are meant to be affordable. Mine cost me a grand total of £25 back in 2019! They really are great, and can be very helpful while travelling to work or on that couples holiday we were talking about earlier.

5. Wall Art for their Home

wall art gift ideas valentines day gender neutral

Is your significant other looking to jazz up some space in their house? Why not gift them some wall art from Fine Art America? There’s something for everyone, and you can read all my thoughts about it in my Incredible Wall Art Christmas Present Ideas post! If you don’t see perfect gender neutral Valentine’s gifts on Fine Art America, why not make your own on Photobox? Photobox are celebrating all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day, from long-term lovers to your closest friends. Create your personalised goodies that are made to last a lifetime and gift something *real* this 14th February.

Awesome Gender Neutral Valentine's Gifts 2022 Life With Ktkinnes

6. Board Games

During lockdowns throughout this pandemic, we all had to learn to occupy ourselves without leaving the comfort of our own homes. From this, we learnt to spend valuable time with the people we care about, and many people rediscovered their love for board games and puzzles! So why not give them the gift of a board game that you can play together? From world domination in Risk, to potential domination of another kind, there is no better way to show someone you care than by spending proper quality time with them.

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7. Glow in the Dark Zodiac Art

It was written in the stars for you guys to be in each other’s life, so why not give them a celestial present? Whether your other half believes in astrology or not, these constellations do exist in the night sky. Figure out their star sign, and gift them with a celebration of all the nuances of each other’s signs.

So there you have it! Seven different gender neutral Valentine’s gifts you can give this year, that won’t be considered tacky. If you’re still struggling to come up with anything you feel like gifting to your other half, then why not look at BuyAGift (who offer £10 off your first order if you sign up to their mailing list!) or Wowcher?

What are you giving your other half for Valentine’s Day this year? Or do you refuse to acknowledge this consumer-based holiday? Let me know in the comments below!


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