My Function of Beauty Experience

My Function of Beauty Experience Life With Ktkinnes
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Good morning again and happy Wednesday! Well, it is and it isn’t. I’m actually off work today, so technically my weekend has started already, and I’m a little tired out. But I wanted to share with you today about my experience of using the Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner set!

A quick word before we get on to the Function of Beauty stuff – here in Northern Ireland, things began to open up again quicker than the rest of the UK. So this weekend coming, to avoid being around the house for the 12th July celebrations, we are heading up to a hotel on the north coast. Now I understand a lot of people still wouldn’t feel comfortable to do this, but we do, and I’ll have a post about it coming soon. But with getting my hair cut tomorrow, I’m just very excited!

My Function of Beauty Experience Life With Ktkinnes

Back during lockdown, I was seeing so many ads on Facebook and Instagram for Function of Beauty. So much so that I actually ended up putting an order in with them, just to see if it was worth the hype that seemed to be surrounding it. I was working on reducing the number of times I wash my hair in a week, and it seemed logical to try something new since the products I had been using just didn’t seem to be up to the challenge.

About Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty is the world’s first custom hair care brand that makes each product uniquely for the person ordering. Josh, Zahin and Hien figure there are 8 billion heads on the planet, each with different hair types. And underneath all that hair there are different moods, styles, hair goals, and preferences. With Function of Beauty, you decide what goes into your formula (and what doesn’t) and what you get out of it. Launching in 2015, Function of Beauty strive to be clean, ethical and sustainable in everything they do, and are committed to constant improvement. The company took steps a long time ago to make sure all their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. As members of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program, this means they not only do not use any animal ingredients or animal by-products in their formulas, but they also do not test on animals at any stage of product development. The result is effective, high-quality beauty products that you can feel good about using. As part of their mission to become more earth-friendly, Function of Beauty recently transitioned their delivery boxes to 100% recyclable kraft packaging made with 30% post-consumer recycled materials, and ensured their bottles are all 100% recyclable.

My Function of Beauty Experience Life With Ktkinnes

How It Works

When you first go to the Function of Beauty website to order, you complete a questionnaire – or a “question-hair” if you like (can you tell I made that one up?).  By selecting your hair type (Straight, Wavy, Curly or Coily), you are then directed to identify your hair structure (mine was fine). Next up is your hair’s moisture (I selected oily), followed by your hair goals. At this point, you pick between 1 and 5 goals. For me, I chose Shine, Colour Protection, Volumise, Anti-Frizz, and Oil Control. I then also ticked the box to have a silicone-free formula.

Once you;ve done this, you’re directed to pick a fragrance from Peach, Rose, Pear, Eucalyptus, Lavender, or Fragrance Free, followed by the strength of the fragrance. Enter your name, a nickname, or whatever you want your bottle to be called, and then pick which colours you would like your shampoo and conditioner to be – there’s also an option to be dye free!

You can then select which size of bottles you would like. I opted for 2 the same size – 16oz – but you can get 2 8oz bottles, or one bigger than the other, or even just one or the other. There’s also an option to add hair treatments such as masks and serums, and then you say how frequent you would like your delivery to be. Then it’s as simple as entering your delivery details and paying, and your order will be created and dispatched!

My Experience of Function of Beauty

So as I said, I decided to buy myself a set from Function of Beauty. I placed my order on 12th May, and it was delivered on 20th May. Given the fact we were still on lockdown and deliveries were being quite slow, I was delighted that it took just over a week to be delivered!

My Function of Beauty Experience Life With Ktkinnes

I sat and read through all the information sent to me. Inside the little booklet was some further information about Function of Beauty, as well as recommendations on how best to use the shampoo and conditioner for my hair profile and goals. It was then that I realised I had been sent a sheet of stickers to decorate my bottles with too! However I chose not to use them on the bottles, and have instead used them in my Bullet Journal.

The first time I used my new shampoo and conditioner, I was amazed. My hair felt silky smooth, and sat brilliantly. It was still a bit frizzy, but I just assumed it was because I was just starting to use the products. It’s now been a month of using my shampoo and conditioner twice a week, and I’m sad to say the frizz is still a bit of a problem. However, using the Function of Beauty products has me happily only washing my hair twice a week, and it certainly feels a lot healthier! If I’m being honest, these two bottles saved me from despair over my hair during lockdown – not so much a problem now I finally am getting my hair cut – and I would say I would recommend Function of Beauty if it wasn’t as expensive. But there’s a solution to that at the end of this post!

My Function of Beauty Experience Life With Ktkinnes
My Function of Beauty Experience Life With Ktkinnes

I understand that sustainable, cruelty-free, clean, customised products can’t be cheap. However, the sets of shampoo and conditioner range in price from £29 to £39. Which for someone who spends £6 on a “special” shampoo or conditioner did seem somewhat expensive. But I have to consider that I now am washing my hair less, and spending the money is worth it if you’re seeing good results! As I said, it has been about 6 weeks since I started using my Function of Beauty products, and I’m only about a quarter of the way through my shampoo and even less through my conditioner. So from that point of view, it is worth it.

My Function of Beauty Experience Life With Ktkinnes
My Function of Beauty Experience Life With Ktkinnes

If you would like to take the hair quiz, you can do so by clicking here. There’s also a promotion on at the minute that if you use my referral link (which you can use here), then you receive a 25% off your purchase, and in return I receive £10 of store credit to use towards my next order. 

Have you tried Function of Beauty before, or would you consider giving them a go? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “My Function of Beauty Experience

  1. Alex

    I’ve been debating trying function of beauty for a while as I’ve heard such good things but I was put off by the price. But now I’ve read this is does seem worth it if you use it less. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! X

  2. thathappyreader

    Looks like it’s a good option for those that live in the U.K. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Roni

    I’ve been seeing function of beauty around for a long time now; they’re always sponsoring the videos of youtubers I watch but I’ve not taken the plunge yet simply because of the price tag. I think it might be time I finally take the splurge…


  4. Jaclyn - Jaclynistic Vibes

    These keep popping up on my Insta and Facebook too. I have been intrigued and wondered if they were any good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I might give them a try too when my current shampoo and conditioner get near the end of the bottles.

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