Friday Favourites: Tarnya

Friday Favourites: Tarnya Life With Ktkinnes
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Hello and Happy Friday again! Can you actually believe we’re at the end of April? I know I can’t.

Today’s Friday Favourite goes out to Tarnya from Sweet Allure. I first became aware of Tarnya when I spotted her gorgeous prints floating around Twitter and I knew I just had to have all of it! Only problem is I have nowhere to display it in the flat so I have to wait… But that’s not the point. Anyway, after this, I found myself reading more and more of Tarnya’s posts and I have to say I’m actually somewhat addicted to them – diving on them the minute I see a new post is live!

So what do you know about Tarnya? She’s originally from Nottingham but currently lives in Sheffield where by day she works as a video games tester (dream job, am I right?). Tarnya started blogging as a creative outlet, not expecting herself to last more than a month. Yet, here we are a year and a half later and I am honestly so glad she didn’t stop! As with quite a few bloggers I follow, Tarnya started off blogging about one topic- beauty – but has since spread out to more of a lifestyle blogger, talking about anything that peaks her interest. One of the main reasons I love Tarnya is because she tries to post three times a week – no sooner have I read one, another appears to keep me coming back again and again for more!

One of my all time favourite posts of Tarnya’s is Anxiety: Me, Myself and a Little Thing Called Anxiety. It’s such an open, honest post about her experience with anxiety and how she was diagnosed.

I never thought much of it, it was normal to have a million thoughts going through my head at any one moment. Those moments of sheer panic before entering a room with a huge crowd of people. Or answering a phone call, any phone call, even from people I know.

I enjoy (really the wrong word here but I can’t think of the right word) reading other peoples’ experiences as it helps spread to other people just what some people go through on a daily basis. I seriously doubt this was an easy post for Tarnya to write, and I think that’s what makes it so moving to read. It’s real life, it’s not just someone’s thoughts or an idea .

If you haven’t already chatted to Tarnya, or don’t already follow her on her social media sites, check out her links below! You could find yourself with a new blogging bff:

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Remember to come back next week for another installment in my 2017 Friday Favourites series. I’m loving getting the opportunity to spread just some of the bloggers I love keeping up with, and I also love finding new people to follow! So if you’ve any recommendations for me to read as well then please do leave some links in the comments below!

One thought on “Friday Favourites: Tarnya

  1. Tarnya

    Seriously, I am so so flattered you wrote this and I’m so over the moon you enjoy my blog. It’s moments like these that make it so worth it, I honestly appreciate your support so much, for both my blog and my artwork.

    Sending you all the love in the world 😉
    Tarnya xxx

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