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Friday Favourites: Sophie Life With Ktkinnes
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Welcome back for another not-on-a-Friday Friday Favourite! You’re reading the thoughts of a now free for 4 months (possibly longer if I’ve failed) Katie! But enough about me – today I wanted to tell you why you should be following Sophie from Planet Whispers.



Sophie is one of my all-time favourite bloggers, and her blog header is something else all together. Seriously, even if you only go to her blog to see it then it’s worth it! Although you really should stay around and have a read of her posts, they’re so worth it!


As a 19 year old blogger, Sophie is a beauty, lifestyle and advice blogger who is in love with all things makeup and loves to share it with her ‘whisperers’. Again, I love these sorts of blogs that cover everything,  so when I first discovered her posts through Twitter I just fell in love.


My favourite post by Sophie would probably be Lost Friendships, in fact I feel like this was one of the first posts I read! I just loved how true everything she said was, and how easy it was to picture those lost friends while I read her words. Her penultimate paragraph is the one that struck me hardest, though, and I’ve actually saved it to a document of things to remind me it’s okay:


Losing friends is a huge part of life that nobody ever talks about but it happens to everyone. It hurts and that’s ok because letting go of anybody is hard. But you do have to let go. You can’t hold on forever. Moving on is simple, it’s what you leave behind that makes it difficult.


So if you’ve reached this far and still haven’t clicked onto Sophie’s blog, please do click one of the links below! Let’s give her some great stats to start the weekend with.


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