Friday Favourites: Melissa Life With Ktkinnes

Friday Favourites: Melissa

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Hey everyone, it’s finally the weekend again and now university has officially finished for easter (and for the year – scary biscuits!) I have another Friday Favourite for you!

As today’s title would suggest, here’s why you all should follow Melissa from Love Melissa. She’s a 19 year old blogger from England, and before I go any further why is everyone younger than me? Anyway, sorry, mind isn’t fully with it there. Melissa started blogging in 2015 under a different name, a different site, and it just wasn’t her. After a bit of rebranding, and a decision not to care who knew about her blog, Melissa started again in 2016 and damn that girl has done well!

Friday Favourites: Melissa Life With Ktkinnes

Between her love of fashion, and her genuine happiness writing blogs as part of her English A Level course, Melissa soon found something that was both constructive and fun – how many of us can say the same? In the mean time, while she tries to figure out what she wants from life like the rest of us, Melissa is writing some brilliant posts and that’s why you’ve got to go check her out now.


Now, as you know, I’m more of a lifestyle fan at the best of times, which is why I love reading the blogging tags Melissa has done such as her Versatile Blogger Award tag, but one of my favourite posts from Melissa has to be her Top 10 Under £10. As she says herself, it’s great finding drugstore products that work equally well (if not better than) the highend products that take over our newsfeeds and time lines. Definitely worth reading if you’d like to where to get great makeup at an even better price.


I got to know Melissa back when I was part of the GRLPOWR crowd, and I honestly miss talking to her now that I’ve left the group, but I’m so happy to say I’ve had the pleasure of talking to her, and now I want you all to get the opportunity! Just click the links below:


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