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Friday Favourites: Megan Life With Ktkinnes
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Oh wow are we actually achieving a Friday Favourite on a Friday? Must be coming up to the end of the month!

If you haven’t already guessed, today’s Friday Favourite is the brilliant Megan from The Write Blog! Do you follow her? Because here’s why you should go click those follow buttons!

After hosting the Bloggers Tribe chat on Saturday last week, Jordanne set up a few Twitter group chats for support – a bit like Instagram pods but on Twitter and for anything – and that was how I discovered Megan’s blog!

Megan, a 19 year old journalist student, is an aspiring writer who has wanted to be a part of the blogging community for ages, planning on sharing her love of books with the world. With an inquisitive mind pushing her forward, Megan is not afraid to question everything, and loves to start conversations flowing.  She writes about anything and everything, and is by far one of my bloggers even though I’ve only been reading for a week!

Remembering that I haven’t been reading all that long, I currently have a favourite post but that may be subject to change the further I read! Currently, my favourite post is her Three Days in Dublin.

Considering how close Dublin is to Lisburn (everywhere on this island seems close to us), I’ve only ever been to Dublin 2 or 3 times, and I’ve never really done the proper touristy stuff! So reading her post really gave me wanderlust. The apartment she stayed in, the partying, everything just made me want to hop on a train in the morning and visit Dublin properly!

If you want to head over and read Megan’s reviews (which I strongly recommend you do!)  and all her other posts, check out her blog at the link below. Alternatively, check out her other links below to get to know Megan better!

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