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And once again a Friday Favourite’s post is making it up on a Friday! How are you all today? Anyone anything exciting happening this weekend?

As we continue with my Friday Favourites series, today I’m here to tell you why you should be following Leah from The Prescott Family Blog.


Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been talking to Leah for long, but after hearing so much about her from Em when GRLPOWR first started up, I just knew I needed to follow her when her own blog and Twitter started appearing on my timeline.


Leah is a 19 year old cat lover, mum, and a make up addict. She and her boyfriend became parents on August 11th 2016, at 17:23pm at just 18 years old, and I still remember just how excited Em was when she heard the news – she just had to tell us in our group chat! Anyway, they welcomed a beautiful girl we named Willow Rose into their lives, and Leah says that Willow has changed their lives for the better .


Leah’s blog is predominantly about her little one, as Leah made her blog as a way to voice her thoughts when Willow is fast asleep and document her little milestones as she gets bigger and bigger.  However, there are more posts there other than just updates on Willow – Leah also posts mental health and beauty posts. So if those are more your thing, then head over now to read them!


My favourite one of Leah’s posts would definitely have to be Willow’s First Christmas. Anyone who knows me would confirm, three things I am obsessed with are dogs, children (specifically babies), and Christmas, and so this post combined 2 of my favourite things! While it’s not a long post for reading, Leah’s photos of Willow will have you making googley eyes at just how adorable Willow is!


However, if you’re more in the mood for reading a post instead of looking at adorable photos, I’d definitely recommend reading I Hated My Daughter’s Name. It’s a very real post, and one that I think everyone needs to read.


If you aren’t ready to read Leah’s blog right now, why don’t you check out her links below for now?


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