Friday Favourites: Katy

Friday Favourites: Katy Life With Ktkinnes
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Yay, this one is hopefully actually going up on time! Anyone else find that their scheduled posts don’t go up at the time they planned?

The first Friday Favourite of the month is going to the ever-energetic Katy from LexiLife95 – head over and check her out!


Now, before we go any further I will quickly say: Katy’s middle name is Alex and since she didn’t want her first name popping up unexpectedly she chose to go with a variation of Alex instead, hence Lexi.  Kat’y blog was started as her little space to share her thoughts and hopefully spread a little laughter around the internet “even a smirk or one of those ‘inside your head’ laughs happen.”.

Friday Favourites: Katy Life With Ktkinnes

Katy always manages to brighten up my day, whether through her tweets, her blogs, her youtube channel, or her snapchat. Not only is she a brilliant blogger, her vlogs and snapchat vlogging are so much fun to watch! Her friendly, approachable nature on the camera is, what I consider, a perfect representation of her personality, and I’m actually delighted that I found her through Twitter.

Back in the summer of 2016, I was going through what I like to call a quarter life crisis. I was turning more and more to blogging, and came across Katy in a Twitter chat. I immediately started to read her blog and found myself getting drawn in easily to everything she was saying. Next thing I knew, she was on YouTube and I could really put a face and a voice to this girl that I’m honestly in awe of! Actually kinda praying I never meet her because I’m going to look ridiculous having a proper fan-girl moment.


So, as for my favourite post, this is a rather tricky one! God, that makes it sound like I didn’t like any of her posts but I promise you I did! However, Katy updated her blog and so I can’t access her older posts that I fell in love with! But I did find one of her newer posts that I really enjoyed reading – The Ultimate Blogger Planner.Katy’s review actually made me go out and make my own version of this blogger planner becuase it was just perfect! Maybe when I’ve a bit more money I will buy it… but isn’t her photography awesome??


You can find Katy at any of the links and info below, and I honestly couldn’t emphasise how much you should!


Twitter                                                        Blog                                                        Bloglovin

YouTube                                                         Instagram                                                        Snapchat

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Anyone got any plans?


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