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Friday Favourites: Katie

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It sounds a bit silly but it feels like all I’ve done recently is write book reviews or My Dream (insert room here) posts, or I’ve taken a massive blogging break since starting work and that is killing me, and so when I sat down to write this week’s Friday Favourite (not on a Friday, again, sorry) it was actually a relief to be doing something slightly different. So shall we find out who this week’s favourite blogger is? Well okay it was kinda given away above but shh…

This week’s Friday Favourite goes out to the lovely Katie from Katie’s Corner ! And it’s going live today because today Katie turns 21! Happy Birthday lovely!


Katie is (now) a 21 year old who blogs about anything from beauty to lifestyle, and everything that possibly falls in between the two! She loves dogs and gin, and her absolute all time favourite genre of music is old school rock. Currently balancing her life between blogging, socialising, and working full time as a planning engineer, Katie somehow still finds time to read, listen to music, sleep, and shop online for makeup – her guilty pleasure! To be honest, the more I read about Katie, the more convinced I became that the two of us are really the same person.


I first came across Katie through Twitter during one of those brilliant Twitter chats I frequently talk about here. She was just so lovely to get chatting to that I immediately clicked that follow button and headed over to her blog to read her posts. And that’s what you should do at the end of this post!


One of my favourite posts written by Katie is What I Would Tell 15 Year Old Me.  Again, as you all know, I love personal posts, and when I saw this appear on my timeline, I just had to go read it straight away and knew immediately that I’d have to include it in a Friday Favourites post.


There are some great little life lessons in there, and her comments about her sister and boyfriend were just so cute that I actually had tears in my eyes when I read them. Shh, I’m an emotional wreck, accept it. I have.




Katie has a whole range of posts on her blog, and she’s even currently making free headers for people (at time of writing) so head on over to her blog to find out more information!



As always, you should definitely check out her links below:

Blog     Twitter     Instagram     Facebook


Know someone you think I should be following? Leave their link below! Or even your own link! I’d love to get reading more blogs!



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  • Kt

    This is so sweet.
    I’m having such a rough time at the moment, you have no idea how much this has cheered me up.

    I can’t thank you enough

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