Friday Favourites: Jordanne Life With Ktkinnes

Friday Favourites: Jordanne

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Hello and welcome back to my Friday Favourites, where it’s a Friday so I’m gonna name another of my favourite bloggers that you all should definitely be following!

Friday Favourites: Jordanne Life With Ktkinnes

Today’s blogger is the amazing Jordanne from The Life of a Glasgow Girl and to be honest I don’t even know where to begin with this one! Probably best thing would be to talk a little bit about Jordanne:


Jordanne has been blogging since June 2015 (I almost said ‘so last summer’ then realised no, we’re now in 2017!) and since then her creativity has known no boundaries! Describing herself as a lifestyle blogger, Jordanne blogs about anything and everything so there’s always something on her blog that’ll catch your eye! Having first spoken to her during MoonChat on Twitter, I had no idea that I was in fact speaking to someone who would soon become one of my closest friends. We were discussing GRLPOWR stuff one night when we suddenly remembered that night, and since then it feels strange going more than a couple of weeks without seeing her gorgeous face! She’s been there for me in some of my darkest moments of this academic year, and better still – her little one likes me!


Why should you follow Jordanne? Well, if you’re anything like me then you’ll find something to laugh about, be happy about, be indignant about with her, or even sometimes cry at. Pouring her soul into her blog, Jordanne is one of those bloggers I could scroll through her posts for hours and hours on end. And even better, she even does YouTube too! Alongside all this, Jordanne also single-handedly created Bloggers Tribe, a community on Twitter and Instagram where bloggers can connect with each other and have their content retweeted to a larger, more varied audience. I say single-handedly, because alongside doing all this incredible stuff, she’s first and foremost a mum to the most incredible little boy I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Friday Favourites: Jordanne Life With Ktkinnes

Now, I will be honest and say that I had quite a bit of difficulty picking a favourite post of Jordanne’s. Not because I didn’t like them, but because I connected with so many of them I couldn’t narrow down my selection! But the one that stuck out to me the most was Why I Like To Be Positive. I’m not the best at picking upbeat blog posts, am I? However, the first time I read this post, I knew I was talking to one of the strongest people I will ever have the good fortune to know personally. Here was someone, baring her past to the world in order to help herself move forward in life.


Actually, the first post I read on Jordanne’s blog was Why I Hate Your Blog and it really got me thinking about how I wanted my blog to be perceived by my readers (yes, you lot, hello!). I just loved how honest it was, and this part in particular described my feelings exactly:

When it comes to browsing blogs 9/10 times I’ll be on my phone, in bed searching through twitter to find new posts I want to read. I’ll find one that totally appeals to me, I’ll be excited to read it, click the link and it will take me to a jumbled up mess that can’t be accessed properly from my mobile and it will really make me sad as I loved the title of the post. But there’s no way I’m getting out my bed, going across the room and starting up my laptop just to read one post because I can’t read it on my phone. It’s not gonna happen.


So all in all, if you haven’t gathered from this post, I adore Jordanne and honestly couldn’t ask for a better friend. If you don’t already, you should definitely go follow her now! All links are below, so why not help kick-start the weekend with a surge in her views?


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Friday Favourites: Jordanne Life With Ktkinnes


Friday Favourites: Jordanne Life With Ktkinnes


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