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Friday Favourites: Jodie

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Happy Friday everyone! I’m heading back to Glasgow today and so will be saying goodbye to Baron and Maisie later today. But for now, we’re here to talk about the delightful Jodie from Going Places and Doing Stuff.

Jodie and I met through the GRLPOWR group back in August and I was (and still am) sad when I left the group as it meant (or means) we don’t talk as much as we used to. She’s an amazing person who I love chatting to about anything and everything, and her blog is another thing entirely – I can’t express how much I love it!


As a creative, Jodie has always loved pretty and creative things in life, her way of compensating for the rather grey weather we in the UK get daily. Starting out as a travel blog, she found herself diverging to cover anything and everything, and I honestly adore reading through everything.  Jodie’s photos are really something else though – this girl needs to teach me her ways!


One of my favourite travel posts of Jodie’s is Our Last Night. Not only are the accompanying photos absolutely stunning, but the imagery in her writing creates such a clear image in my mind that I can’t help but feel I was there with her! Even down to this little quote “He comes and sits with us for a while and I tell myself he loves me but in reality he probably just wants my steak.” which left me giggling in the dark of my bedroom in my parent’s house.


Another personal favourite of Jodie’s posts is her Liebster Award Tag. As I’ve said before, I love these tag posts – they allow us an opportunity to learn more about our favourite bloggers!


So by now I am sure you’re already following Jodie’s blog (and if you aren’t then why aren’t you?) and are asking yourself where else you can follow her. Fear not, as always I have put all her links down below!


Blog     Twitter     Instagram


Hope you all have a lovely weekend!



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