Friday Favourites: Humaira Life With Ktkinnes

Friday Favourites: Humaira

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Hello and welcome back to another Friday Favourite! Isn’t is strange how fast time is flying by?

Today’s post is all about the wonderful Humaira from 1 Week Mary. One day, she decided she wanted to take her love of trying out new things to a new level – every other week, she’d do something different and then write about it so she could develop her love for writing. In between these ‘1 Weekers’ as she calls them, Humaira also throws in a bit of beauty, fashion and lifestyle so there really is always something new to read!


Friday Favourites: Humaira Life With Ktkinnes
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Between her comments, advice and tweets, she kept me going through the hard days of summer resits. She somehow seem to know exactly what to say and when, and always managed to get me to smile – regardless of how my day was going. She’s incredible at writing posts, too. They’re written so well and it’s clear that she is interested in each one she writes. With the perfect balance of humour, her posts provide a great place to come and read for a while, to forget any negativity, and restart my efforts with a new-found energy. I don’t know how she does it! With positivity shining through all her words, whether on Twitter or on her blog, Humaira helps lift those of us who have the pleasure of talking with her.


My favourite post of hers would definitely have to be I Wanted To Quit Blogging simply because it’s so brutally honest. Sometimes it’s easy for outsiders to forget the pressures of blogging, and all that comes along with it. They seem to think we just spout words onto the keyboard and they somehow form these magnificent posts that attract anyone and everyone. They think it’s “so cool” that some bloggers get paid to write certain posts, which can bring about the question “So why don’t you get paid?”.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t read anything online about ‘what a blogger should be like’. I didn’t read any (or at least I don’t think I did) posts on ‘how to be a blogger’ or ‘5 million things bloggers should do’ or ‘if you don’t do this you’re a fake blogger’ – okay, you get it – and all I did was freestyle. I wrote the way I wanted to (which is probably why my first couple of posts are so awkwaaaard), I wrote about whatever I wanted to, I took my pictures the way I wanted to and I posted whenever the heck I wanted to. I had no rules and I was taking everything as it came.

How many of us can relate with this? THIS is why I love reading her blog. Everything is relatable and you certainly won’t regret clicking follow on any of these links!


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