Friday Favourites: Eloise

Friday Favourites: Eloise Life With Ktkinnes
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And we’re onto the final Friday Favourite of February! You didn’t think I’d do it, did you? But here we are, and it’s like I’m daily blogging again. To be honest, I kind of am daily blogging… at least for now anyway.

The final Friday Favourite for February is the delightful Eloise from Is That Eloise. We first got chatting back when GRLPOWR started up, and now that I’ve left GRLPOWR she is one of the 3 that still talks to me! And is patient enough when I don’t reply for 24 hours because of our awful wifi in this flat…


But yes, Eloise is a lifestyle blogger who hails originally from Suffolk, however she’s currently at university in London studying Drama. If you hear of Eloise taking part in a Twitter chat, or anything really for that matter, without a cup of tea in hand then you should know you’re around for a very rare occasion!  Truly, I love chatting with Eloise about anything and everything, especially considering she shares my love for both Grey’s Anatomy and Carmilla!


Like Francesca, Eloise does so flipping much behind the scenes for GRLPOWR, and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better person to know I can trust if or when I need someone to talk to.


One of my all-time favourite posts of hers has to definitely be Minorities Deserve Better. It’s one of the most empowering, heart-warming posts I have ever had the pleasure of reading:

Do we really need a because? Do we really need a reason? Do we really need to feel so completely let down and unsurprised everytime we turn on our tv. Do we really need another generation to grow up thinking they will never fit in and they will never be happy and they will never find love because that’s all they ever see?
And with that thought, I’ll leave you the links to Eloise’s different social media platforms. Take a look and maybe click on the follow button on each! Or, as today’s her birthday, you could go and wish her a happy birthday!
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