Friday Favourite: Zoe Life With Ktkinnes

Friday Favourite: Zoe

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As we begin the 4th Friday of the month, it’s time to look at another of my favourite bloggers. While this series focuses on my favourite bloggers, I should also mention that these people are also some of my favourite people to talk to about many different things outside of blogging, and I feel honoured to call any of them my friends.


Today’s favourite person is the incredible Zoe – and she’s incredible for so many different reasons. But before we look at that, let’s get to know Zoe a little, shall we?


Zoe, aged 24, is a brilliant mum to two of the cutest little girls around – Mia and Robyn. Living in Cornwall for the last 3 years, she loves reading and drawing, and actually sent me the picture below! Zoe’s current weight loss journey has her constantly pushing herself to be more confident and to become a positive role model for her two little girls. Personally, I believe she’s already the perfect role model, but that’s just my opinion. One of the things I love about Zoe is she writes about anything and everything that she loves.

Friday Favourite: Zoe Life With Ktkinnes

We got talking on Twitter after Zoe followed me first and I followed back quite promptly, and we just seemed to click (well, I think so anyway). From then, we’ve not only chatted on twitter and supported each other – Zoe is incredibly supportive and that’s another amazing quality of hers – but our conversations jump over to blog comments, snapchat, instagram and now have progressed onto snail mail! Zoe is one of those people you get talking to and wonder why you didn’t speak sooner, while also feeling like you’ve known her your entire life. And to top it all off? Zoe is gorgeous. Not that the last 3 of my Friday Favourites aren’t, but I feel like sometimes I should remind Zoe just how stunning she actually is.


Now onto my favourite post. When I first saw Zoe pop up on my timeline back in October/November time, we were discussing Blogmas and all the excitement that would come with something like that. After a few days, I decided to scroll right back to the start of her blog and see how her journey started. There was one part of that first post that stuck with me though:

For me this blog isn’t necessarily for thousands to read but more importantly for me to express myself, for me get out of my own head and to share. Because sharing is fun!!


This struck home to me because it made me remember – this is why I started blogging. The three years of an age difference, and the different personal circumstances, aside, Zoe was me when I read those two sentences, and from then on I knew I just had to be friends with her. However, my actual favourite post of Zoe’s would have to be Why Don’t We Jump In Puddles Anymore?. The little things in life that give us pleasure are the things that we should focus on, and as Zoe says – we seem to force ourselves to leave behind the innocent fun we had as children. Something as simple as jumping in puddles is a pleasure we deny ourselves.


I honestly can’t put into words how strongly I feel about this – you need to go follow Zoe now. She truly is one of the most amazing people I know, and she should be proud of herself no matter what. You can find Zoe here:

Blog                                    Twitter                                                 Instagram

Bloglovin‘                        Facebook                                             Snapchat (@withanoceanview)



Please do give her a read at least if you can’t dedicate yourself to a follow. You have no idea how truly inspiring this woman is, and never will if you don’t follow her!


Have a lovely weekend everyone! I’m away to celebrate Jason’s 20th birthday today – hopefully it won’t be too messy!


Friday Favourite: Zoe Life With Ktkinnes



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