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Why I Love My Fitbit

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AD – Sponsored Links | Ah Thursday again. Does anyone else feel like this week is dragging? Well, even if you don’t, the weekend is almost upon us once again! Anyone got anything fun planned for the weekend? We’re heading to see Ulster play Glasgow Warriors in the rugby on Saturday night and I honestly can’t wait. Can you believe this will be the first time I’ve seen Ulster play? Haha whoops I went off on a complete tangent there! Sorry folks, I’ll move on now. What I was actually going to chat to you about today is the Christmas present I asked for on a whim, and haven’t regretted it once since 25th December 2017. If you haven’t seen me recently then you won’t be aware, but the one Christmas present I haven’t really gone without since the day I opened it is my Fitbit! I imagine that I wasn’t the only one who opened a fitness tracker on 25th December – I also imagine there a few are making use of the various new features available on models like the Fitbit Alta. While I didn’t get an Alta, here’s why I love my Fitbit.

Mum and Dad always ask us for a few suggestions of presents at Christmas and birthday, and to be honest it can be quite hard to think of what I would like each time. So when they asked me this year, I decided I wanted a Fitbit of some kind. While the main reason I wanted it was to track my sleeping habits, I did also think it would be cool to see on average how many steps I take a day, challenge myself to walk more, and keep an eye on my heart rate at random times. It went onto the Christmas wish list, and even made it into my My Letter To Santa during blogmas last year, and to my delight it was one of the first things I opened on Christmas Day.

Okay to be honest mine isn’t a genuine Fitbit, but it does everything a Fitbit does, and either way I am delighted with it. It did take me until about 7pm on Christmas Day to figure out how to charge it, but since Boxing Day I have only taken it off to shower and for 2 occasions – one I was wearing my good watch for a family event, and the other was because my battery died before I remembered to charge it. So I think it’s safe to say my Fitbit was the perfect present for me!

I love being able to track my steps – setting little challenges for myself throughout the day at work, and setting it to track while I’m out on walks. My sleep has actually improved so much because I’m now able to see the ideal time for me to go to bed according to my sleeping pattern. I can set an alarm, specify the days it goes off, and it means I’m not looking at my phone the second I wake up in an attempt to turn off an alarm. Through looking at my heart rate, I found out that my heart rate increases when I’ve eaten (science is so cool – your heart rate increases as your body digests the food apparently), and I could even just see what it was doing when I was feeling anxious.

While I love my Fitbit, I do know a few people who don’t like them.  I know there was recently an incident where the official Fitbit app was hacked, and there have been many “pros and cons” posts, but I won’t go into that here. To be honest, I just love that my Fitbit gives me that extra motivation to get moving! Even when I had the Weight Watchers app, the two connected and I could track my FitPoints using it too!

Do you have a Fitbit? Or have you been considering getting one? As I said, I do really love mine, and I struggle when I’m not wearing it because I’ve just got that used to it being there. My only one thing that I need to sort on it is when it buzzes at 9:30am on a Saturday morning to tell me to get up and moving… but apart from that I do love it!

Remember, you don’t have to get the official Fitbit, you can always get another fitness tracker if you aren’t sure you want to commit to the full priced Fitbit! However, you can always try using Latest Deals’ website to see where has the real deal on sale, or even just to pick up some accessories for your Fitbit!

What do you think of Fitbits? Are they just another gadget that will go out of fashion? Or do you love yours as much as I love mine? As always, let me know in the comments below!


  • justthebeginningx

    I love my Fitbit! I’ve gone through quite a few but have been using them for years now.


  • Lauz

    Love my fitbit so much! I bought myself the Ionic in January after committing to run a 10k every month in 2018 and the ionic is great as it has inbuilt gps too. The OS is great and love competing against my friends on steps!

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