First Day of Summer

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Today marked the first official day of my summer holiday! No revision, long lie in, lots of Netflix and reading and Sims…. Ha. I wish.

Okay I had no revision and I got my lie in but the lie in was to try and fix my body clock (see Tired, posted yesterday). After being awake for 20 minutes today, Dad’s phone started to ring and he wasn’t around to answer it. So I answered and was told it was a nurse down at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast – Dad’s uncle had had an emergency admittance at 2am and was in the cardiovascular ward. He’s now currently undergoing surgery for a hernia but we’ve no idea how long the surgery will last so here’s to another sleepless night as we sit at the hospital. The main point about this post is the house.

Dad’s uncle’s house is…. Let’s just say if Kim and Aggie (How Clean Is Your House? stars from years back) ever had to go into that house I think even they would walk back out again. We have tried, trust me. We clean it any chance we get. We buy new cleaning products. We’ve hired a cleaner in the past but she apparently gave him funny looks so was told not to bother coming back. Well mister if you’re going to have almost a year’s supply of dandruff on your sofa, I’d expect a cleaner to be slightly disturbed. That’s not her job. I don’t want to say much more but suffice to say I didn’t have the start to my official holiday that I was expecting.

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I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all reading my blog! 😊 I know it’s mostly ramblings and useless mumbo-jumbo but it means a lot that people actually take the time to read it.

I’m currently creating a list of things to do before I return to Glasgow. It’s a mix of practical things such as packing etc and also a list of things I want to achieve. So far I’ve decided I want to learn a new song on the guitar. Any suggestions? I’m also looking into volunteering opportunities or working abroad schemes for next summer so if any of you know of any such things (or want to let a poor lost soul sleep on a sofa 😜) please feel free to comment them below!!

But for now I shall say goodbye. Until the next time!
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