First Day Jitters

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September 21st, the first day back to lectures. I decided against a post last night as I ended up in bed by 9pm…

This morning I got up at 7 for the first time in months! I knew I had to do it and so positive thoughts made it possible to ignore the urges to go back to bed. With dishes washed and dried, I was ready 10 minutes early and felt ready to seize the day.

Maths was interesting. We have 2 different maths lecturers this semester and today’s was actually a good lecturer! Originally from Germany, his accent was easy to listen to and he didn’t try too hard to be funny. Shame we don’t have him again until next Monday… It was mainly just a revision class on Vectors but at least it was something to get us back into the swing of things. Leaving the lecture, I was in a great mood!

After an hour of lounging around the library… Sorry “revising” in the library…. I headed to my first ever Fundamentals of Education lecture. It was brilliant. If I’d had the chance to do it last year I definitely would’ve done it! I’ve already started my reading for next week – we’re going to be covering 8th/7th Century BC education! Can’t wait for the second lecture tomorrow!

Physics was depressing. I couldn’t stand it. Getting home was by far the best thing.
However tonight had 2 new experiences. Firstly, I made these brilliant Pitta Pizzas were I made the pizza sauce from scratch (recipe coming tomorrow) and then Nuala persuaded me to go to the Come Dine With Me society after dinner. I can’t wait for the next meeting!
The list of things to do is slowly decreasing. I set up the printer, did a bit of tidying, put on a wash, and ate reasonably healthy today! Not bad for one day’s work. But now I am retiring to bed, speak soon!
Ktkinnes xxx

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