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Festive Books To Boost Your Christmas Spirit

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Happy Thursday everyone, and happy third day of Blogmas! Today’s post comes at just the right time to let you get those festive books in to curl up beside the fire this weekend to boost your Christmas spirit. This post contains affiliate links and links to my own products.

Reading was something my mum and my granny always highly encouraged when we were kids. Every night before bed, Mum would check that we had a book to read even just for 10 minutes. She got it from her mother, and to be honest it’s something I’ve missed since I started taking my phone to bed each night. Even now, Granny will still make sure we have a book with us if we’re staying at her house or away at a hotel. It’s actually my granny’s birthday today and it’s a bit of a big one, so it feels quite fitting that my festive books to boost your Christmas spirit post falls today!

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12 Festive Books to Boost Your Spirit

When looking at what books I would recommend to anyone looking to lift their festive spirits, I immediately looked back at what books I’ve read throughout Blogmas over the last few years. In this list, you’ll find a mix of old classics, some we’ve visited before, and a few brand new ones for you to add to your winter TBR piles!

1. A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens [AFF]

A classic that just had to be at the start of the list! I actually read it and studied it last year as part of my Open University course, which slightly took the fun of Christmas out of it, however A Christmas Carol is one of those festive books you simply must have on your list. The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future appear before Scrooge to make him change his ways before it’s too late.

2. Christmas Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella

If ever I found myself replicated in a book character, I have met my match in Sophie Kinsella’s Becky. Becky adores Christmas and everything that comes with it. In an attempt to it the best Christmas ever for everyone, she begins to lose control on every little thing going on in her life. If you’re a Christmas fan, and a lover of light reads (think beach holiday with a bit more depth) then Christmas Shopaholic [aff] is perfect for you! Read my review by clicking on the header above!

3. How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Dr Seuss [AFF]

Okay I know it’s meant to be a children’s book, but I love it! It never fails to put me in that Christmas Spirit, and is definitely a must-have on any list of festive books! Would you believe I only saw the film for the first time in 2016? Dr. Seuss’s small-hearted Grinch ranks right up there with Scrooge when it comes to the crankiest, scowling holiday grumps of all time. For 53 years, the Grinch has lived in a cave on the side of a mountain, looming above the Whos in Whoville. The noisy holiday preparations and infernal singing of the happy little citizens below annoy him to no end. The Grinch decides this frivolous merriment must stop. The true meaning of Christmas comes through in bucket-loads in this festive favourite, and honestly is a must read for any Festive Books Wish List.

4. Christmas at Woolworths – Elaine Everest

One of the first ever books I read written by Elaine Everest, and one designed to be on anyone’s Christmas Reading List! Christmas at Woolworths follows three best friends, Sarah, Maisie and Freda, as they cope with their jobs and the war going on around them. A bit like a period drama, Christmas At Woolworths [AFF] feels like the true definition of festive books – it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside as you join the three protagonists during a time of peril and danger, while they try to make the most of their Christmas. Again, you can read my view by clicking the header above!

5. The Night Before Christmas – Clement C Moore [AFF]

Considered to be another one targeted at children, in my mind no Christmas is complete without having read or listened to The Night Before Christmas. It features in my favourite ever Christmas film (can you guess which one?) and is another that gets you right in the festive feels! This poem first appeared in a newspaper in Troy, New York, USA, on December 23, 1823, as “A Visit From St. Nicholas”. No one claimed authorship until 13 years later. Clement Clarke Moore, a professor and poet, said that he wrote the piece for his children. Unbeknownst to him, his housekeeper had sent it to the newspaper to be published.

6. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – C. S. Lewis [AFF]

Imagine living in a world where it’s always winter, but never Christmas – sounds like my kinda hell! So while some would argue The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe isn’t a Christmas book, I would very much agree to differ. Welcome to Narnia, the magical land hidden in a wardrobe, and discovered by Lucy. In Narnia the four siblings find a country buried under the evil enchantment of the White Witch. When they meet the Lion Aslan, they realize they’ve been called to a great adventure and bravely join the battle to free Narnia from the Witch’s sinister spell. Talking animals, snowy scenes, and magic abound, this is definitely a firm favourite on my festive books list!

7. Christmas With The Teashop Girls – Elaine Everest

Now this is another book I have featured on the blog previously, so be sure to check it out by clicking the header! It’s late 1940 and the war feels closer to home than ever for Rose Neville and her staff at the Lyon’s Teashop in Margate. The worry of rationing hangs overhead as the Nippies do their best to provide a happy smile and a hot cup of tea for their customers. When a bombing raid targets the Kent coastline, Lyon’s is badly hit, throwing the future of the cafe into jeopardy. There’s a Christmas Eve Wedding, family feuds, and again the nostalgia of a wartime drama, all in one book! Get your hands on Christmas With The Teashop Girls here! [AFF]

8. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas – Agatha Christie [AFF]

Okay so I’ve always loved reading a Miss Marple more than a Poirot but I’ve always preferred to watch a Poirot. Is that weird? Well, Hercule Poirot’s Christmas is one I haven’t read yet, but it’s on my list of festive books to read this month! The holidays are anything but merry when a family reunion is marred by murder — and the notoriously fastidious investigator is quickly on the case. The wealthy Simeon Lee has demanded that all four of his sons — one faithful, one prodigal, one impecunious, one sensitive — and their wives return home for Christmas. But a heartwarming family holiday is not exactly what he has in mind. He bedevils each of his sons with barbed insults and finally announces that he is cutting off their allowances and changing his will.

9. What Happens At Christmas – Evonne Wareham

What Happens At Christmas by Evonne Wareham [AFF] is actually a Christmas book I’ve been reading over the last few days! So keep an eye out for my review going live on Thursday of next week, but I’ll link to it here when it goes live too! Lori France and her four-year-old niece Misty are settling in to spend the holidays in Wales after unexpected events leave them without a place to stay. Little do they know they’re about to make a discovery and experience a Christmas they’re not likely to forget.

10. The Snowman – Raymond Briggs

Illustrated in full color, this is a wordless story. The pictures have “the hazy softness of air in snow.” A little boy rushes out into the wintry day to build a snowman, which comes alive in his dreams that night. The boy invites him home and in return is taken on a flight high above the countryside. Anyone who doesn’t know the story of The Snowman [AFF] needs to add this to their list of festive books to read this year! And watch the 5-10 minute wordless video. Let the music tell the story. Even better, read the wordless story while listening to the soundtrack on Spotify!

11. The Bible

I couldn’t really write a list of books around Christmas without mentioning it, could I? Regardless of what religion you are, the nativity story is one known around the world – it’s the basis for Christianity, and there is no other read that will make you feel as festive as reading through the chapters and verses relating to the birth of Jesus. Whether you read it as fact or fiction is entirely up to you though!

12. Christmas Calm By The Tree – Katie Burton

I couldn’t write a post about festive books for your to be read pile without including a little self promo now could I? In case you missed it, I self-published 14 short stories to help your festive spirit soar last month! To get your hands on a copy, please click here! With this collection of short stories and flash fiction, allow yourself to be transported to another world for five or ten minutes at a time. Give yourself permission to indulge in a little “me” time.

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Have you read any of the festive books on my list? Or which ones have you just added to your to be read pile for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!


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